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Ever since the inception of COVID 19,  (sometime in March 2020, a vivid memory as of now), how the travel journey of soul searching and everyday life changed for me.

Never the less, I have always been more or less a quarantined person as an individual, who was always self-sufficient in my own company,  always occupied with my thoughts, my dreams, my responsibility, and my everyday schedule. I had never felt the need to chatter and talk much and the most pleasing times I often had were either when  I am alone or traveling.


The Game changed for good. The new atmosphere, the new life the new schedule, preoccupied my thoughts in a different direction. How come an impatient person like me became so headstrong within days, I had no idea, the only voice that kept on echoing was” It is all temporary,  all is well and all is going to be good,  we will get back to better than the normal in just a month or two” after all the Indian spirit has been to fight back and emerged a winner from the times immemorial”. 

The travel journey of internal transformation was the key strategy to be in this game of self-isolation. I slowly started seeing so much good, whether it was the breathing air, the clean roads without the commotion or  traffic jams, animals roaming freely, and the sunrise and sunsets becoming clearer each day, the reappearance of stars in the sky after so many years(especially in Delhi).

The biggest challenge was to carry forward with my efforts like a lioness without getting a trace of negativity, anxiety, and fear ruling over my mind, of course sometimes the spirits (drinks came to my rescue). To think and innovate, to continue forging ahead in our efforts along with the team, keep them motivated in these tough times, We all were understanding the importance of getting engaged creatively and to continuously make efforts to have a positive attitude to deliver good work, targets achievements, bringing out the best from each other and as a team, I didn’t know that a good Administrator in me was getting born in spite of being a self quarantined person and an Editor. 


Another thing which I always knew and somehow made me doubly sure now is: “How strong a Woman is in any and all circumstances”. Throw her anything and she emerges as a winner. A woman is effortlessly intelligent species weather it is managing home, planning meals, managing innovative recipes and food, basically, a homemaker, an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, a pet lover, a designer all at the same time, and the list is endless. When I see my husband, sometimes worried, sometimes anxious, sometime blabbering about the liquor stock reducing, I often feel the need to be in a better headspace, so much to achieve and learn each day, quarantine, or no quarantine.

The only thing I am missing these days is just to be alone for a while so that I can think, write, meditate, my zone, and my space; to be alone for a while, the lone moments I what I crave for!!

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