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Things to do in Auroville: A Sustainable Township

Things to do in auroville.

I planned a visit to the experimental township of Auroville in the union territory of Puducherry. It is a wonder to know that there are plenty of things to do in Auroville. The vibrant atmosphere of this beautiful township took me a few minutes to soak in. This modern village seemed blooming with life, a place with flora, possibilities, security, and inspiration.

After spending a few days in the union territory of Pondicherry coma, I came across a beautiful place that has just stepped into the history of India with its French heritage, some magnificent architecture, eclectic landscape, and its restaurants and hotels. The French quarters are lively in their way with your beautiful churches, museums, graffiti walls boutiques, and much more. 


Since one would wonder what to do in Auroville, one would never get tired of admiring the simplicity of the town. It was completely different from life in Pondicherry. The simple life with not a single car on the road compared to the busy one was mesmerizing. Four separate quarters in Pondicherry with life together, Tamil, Muslim, Christian, and French, but the unity of these quarters as in Auroville was somewhere missing in Pondicherry itself. 

The streets of Auroville are full of children playing, and roaming the carefree but purposeful spirit freely in the atmosphere of this township can be perceived by anyone. While walking down the street, we met a resident Gopi whose simplicity made him wonderfully easy to talk to. 

Auro Mirra Stay
Auro Mirra Stay

Gopi explained to us about the number of projects that the residents have taken up. Auroville is the best example of sustainable living and one of the most eco-friendly destinations in India. The residents over there produce energy using wind, sunlight, and other natural resources, travel through electric bikes to maintain sustainable development, and support many such practices. He also told us about the initial stages of developing this township. The barren wasteland turned into sustainable Auroville as all the citizens worked together and transformed it into paradise. 

Their plan of maintaining this township was incredibly significant as they focused on home-grown vegetables, which included a hand-sized ladyfinger. They also practice the barter system with plants and different commodities and aspire to become a cashless community one day. 


There are several things to do in Auroville as well. One of them is visiting the Spirulina plantation, which was stunning. Spirulina is a blue-green species of algae. It boosts the immune system and is one of the healthiest things to have. The consideration of Spirulina as superfood in some languages showcases that the list of its benefits is endless. Post this garden; we went to Berserk, which was a local shopping market.

Later on, an organic meal with an amazing ambiance of scented candles with an amazing natural view of Auroville, made our trip memorable.

There are several things to do near Auroville as well, such as Savitri Bhavan, quiet healing center Pitanga, and beautiful libraries. Soaking in all the memories of Auroville, our last stop was the Matrimandir before heading to Pondicherry. The major attraction of Auroville is Matrimandir, golden, giant, the round dome in the center of a lush green landscape. It is a meditation center inside which only the most patient, as well as dedicated souls, are allowed. The sense of harmony and inner peace was paramount in this hideaway of lost heaven. The serenity, music of meadow, warmth of sunlight, peace of mind, everything seemed so coherent. 

The founder of Auroville, Mirra Alfassa, believed that the purpose of this township is to realize the unity of humans and Auroville wants to become a universal town where people from any country can visit and leave peacefully. 

If you wonder what to do in Auroville for some fun things to do in Auroville, you will never run out of activities. It is a place where a person can find his soul coming at peace. 

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