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Exploring Top 6 Types of Jazz Dance!

Thinking about what are the various types of Jazz Dance?

Jazz, being one of the most exquisite types of dances, is one of the most popular and long-lasting styles of dance. This African ethnic dance has evolved as a global phenomenon, making it one of the most creative and experimental forms of dance. The contemporary Jazz Dance is a mixture of African Jazz along with a touch of various European styles.

There are so many types of Jazz Dance Styles. It is an umbrella term containing several different styles of Jazz Dance.



Ballet and Modern Dance Forms heavily influence the classical Jazz Dance technique. The origin of Classical Jazz is from the African-American Vernacular Dance of the 19th century. This is one of the most exquisite types of Jazz Dance. Here is the video to give you an insight into the Classical Jazz Dance.


This is the most common style of Jazz Dance that is prevalent today. Contemporary Jazz Dance shares the movement characteristics with the contemporary modern Dance. The main focus of these dancers is on expressing their emotions through expressions, extensions, and turns. Here is the video to give you an insight on the Contemporary Jazz Dance.



This is the type of Jazz Form which is used for commercial purposes. It is more of an entertainment-driven Jazz, meant to sell or promote a product or a service. This type of Jazz Dance form is more used in music videos, movies, televisions, and profit-performances. Here is the video to give you an insight into Commercial Jazz Dance.


Combined with the elements of Samba and Salsa, this type of Jazz Dance is usually performed under Latin American Rhythms. This form of Jazz is dominated by the traditional American style and is one of the most elegant and magnificent forms of Dance. Below is the video: –


This form of Jazz Dance combines the modern form of dance, with its original African-American ethnic roots. The focus of this type of Jazz dance is more on rhythm and improvisation, making it more of a simple dance, but very cultural. Below is the perfect video for you to experience the Afro Jazz.


Street Jazz or the Urban Jazz, this type of jazz form is one of the most popular forms of underground dancing. Various music videos use Street Jazz in their videos. This is more of a rough and casual form of dance, as compared to the proper ball jazz dancing.

Thus, these are some of the top types of Jazz Dance that we can experience. Hope you like it.


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