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Wonderful ways to get past this COVID 19 lock down

Covid 19 lockdown
Covid 19 lockdown

There is a growing array of web-enhanced activities to pass the time in social isolation due to COVID 19. Be it playing games online to keep in touch with our beloved ones, to binge-watching Netflix, people have been spending so much time on the internet, that there is no track of day and night, and especially for bachelors and students who are stuck alone.

As this COVID 19 crisis deepens, all of us are trying to keep ourselves sane in this Lockdown, now that we know it has been extended even further, we need to reassure ourselves that it is all for the greater good. Day by day people is getting more and more creative. 

But, the real issue is not to keep ourselves busy, but how to keep ourselves positive and get going in these troubled times with social isolation

The things I have tried to do is trying to take the road inside than look outside, dug deep into my mental, emotional state and what I could do to improve myself as a human being and how I could be of help to others.COVID 19 peaceful work

What made me tick is one slogan “work is worship” and it’s the thing which takes me on a creative path, think, strategize, boost the team, come up with creative ideas and create good content. The important thing here which is the key is to keep on motivating the team also and treat them with due love as they may be in the state on emotional and unpredictable stress too. We cannot as an employer just throw our burden on them. Choose the right words as the mouth has a mighty power, it is sure to help us in a Long Run

And why look at the downside, there is so much positivity too which is happening and which we have shared in our earlier blogs.

Don’t we get reminded of our summer vacations with our grandparents, where all of us stayed together and enjoyed home-cooked meals? We are learning to create a long-lost bond, again stressing on the point look inside that looking for the roads outside.COVID 19

We all have become master-chefs in our homes, cooking things like halwas, pancakes, sprouts, juices, creams, ladoos, and the list is endless.

Somewhere down the line, we were losing the concept of being satisfied with what we had. I guess all of us are in the process of learning it.

Trust me in the long run when we all grow old, this is one thing we will always remember. We will be narrating the story to our grandchildren and it will be a warm memory.

Stay Tuned, Stay Happy and Stay Home.

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