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Located at the banks of river Ganges, Kanpur is one of the most important industrial towns of Uttar Pradesh. The city is renowned for its textile as well as leather industries and hence, it is called as “The Leather City of the World”. Apart from the industries, the city is flecked with restaurants, ancient temples, congested markets and much more which gives a different vibe to the city. Honestly, talking about street food is what an individual can look forward to, at a very reasonable fare in the markets of Kanpur. 


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As previously mentioned, the city has a lot of temples and one must visit for sure, as each temple has its own significance. Despite modernization, industrialization and urbanization what remained constant was the faith of the people in the concrete prayers which is evident at the old temples in Kanpur. Starting from the JK temple, also known as Radha Krishnan Temple built around the 1960s, has a unique kind of tranquil atmosphere. The Ravana temple is the most eccentric holy place where Ravana is worshiped as a deity. Ravana was considered as an evil person and regardless of that fact, he is worshipped because of his profound knowledge and reverent dedication to Lord Shiva. The place is absolutely loved by its people not for Hindus travelling for religious motives but for the Jains and other religions also. The Jain Glass temple devoted to Lord Mahvir as well as 23 Jain tirthankaras has both religious and architectural importance. As the name suggests the temple is only made up of glass and is a wonderful place to acquire knowledge about Jainism.


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Kanpur is amongst the commercialized towns and has numerous crowded markets snuggled in the core of the city. Leather items are famous and hence, the most wanted commodity in the city. After the entire day at Kanpur, one can actually think of a getaway to these markets. Sisamau Bazaar, Naveen Market, Mall road are some of the markets famous for their indigenous products. These markets are a one-stop destination to buy all the products ranging from daily usage to clothes and much more. After exploring the city, one can also opt for the therapy massage in the most famous markets of Kanpur Sisamau and Sadar Bazaar.


Kanpur is renowned for its certain sweets and the other delicacies which an individual visiting should definitely hog on. There are numerous food outlets serving local dishes which are heavenly. 

Luchi and Sabzi 

Luchi known as “Luchayi ” in the local language is made from the refined flour and is served along with the sabzi rich in spices. This consists of a heavy breakfast and can make the entire day filled with energy. 

Shekhawat Thali 

The kanpur’s authentic food is reflected completely by the Shekhawat Thali. It is available at the Pandit’s outlet. Rice, Dal, sabzi, roti and sweet are the major constituents of the Thali. The size is too large to fit into a normal stomach so you definitely have to look out for a partner. 

Basket Chaat 

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The northern part of the country is famous for Chat and Kanpur is not far behind in this context. Tasting the available basket chaat will make an individual completely satisfied. The combination of mashed potatoes, papdi, and pomegranate is just perfect. It’s a mixture of flavors which one can prefer. 

Banarsi ke Laddoo

The desi ghee preparation of these Boondi ke ladoos are perfect for the people with a sweet tooth. The existence ranges almost 63 years ago and they provide the taste which is satisfying to an extensive number of people. Due to the conventional ideologies of serving only fresh laddoos and tastes, they are successful in amplifying their impacts not only in Kanpur but also throughout the country. 

Thaggu Ke Laddoo and Badnam Kulfi 


“Thaggu ke Laddu ” serves both the ladoos and the Badnam Kulfi, which is undoubtedly one of the most famous sweet outlets of Kanpur. The ladoos made here are of Khoya and Suji garnished with fresh dry fruits. By tasting these ladoos only once one can be a dying heart fan of them. This is a must try delicacy in Kanpur. Even the creamy kulfi, splashed with nuts is another mouth-watering dish offered by them. The Kulfi is made up of khoya and mewa giving it a heavenly taste and eccentric flavour. 

-Ashna Mehra 

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