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Gujarat, a land of colours and traditions. It is said that the air of Gujarat reeks business. The best way to get to know Gujarat’s heritage is to know about its handicrafts and food. So, let us explore Gujarat with Travel Links Magazine

Handcrafted products display intricate Gujarati art forms. One can see the reflection of Gujarat’s diversity and heritage through its art and crafts. The handicraft market is filled with furniture, jewellery, leatherwork, metalwork, embroidered garments, mirror work and what not! Intricate dainty patterns are woven on the patola sarees with high precision. Each women wearing this looks no less than queen herself. Today far moved from the hut or the village of the craftsman, pieces of handicrafts and Gujarat’s heritage have come to adorn the houses of the elite, the five-star hotels both at home and abroad.

Want to impress a Gujarati? Dhoklas and theplas should do the trick. But Gujrati food is more than just that. Some of the Gujarati delicacies include, fafda, khandvi, dhal Dhokli, Undhiyu, handvo, Ganthia, dal Wada and khakhra and each one is them is mouth-watering. Surprisingly, the cuisine of Gujarat is not the same everywhere in the state.

Each region of the state has a distinctive flavour associated with its local food. Due to the prevalence of Jain culture in the state, most of the people are vegetarians and so are most of the dishes.A typical Gujarati dinner includes bhakri-shak or khichdi-kadhi. Many of you might have heard about the sweet tongue Gujarati’s are noted for. It is absolutely true! every meal is followed by a sweet dish or sometimes even jaggery. Make sure you indulge yourself in this decadence when you visit. To know more catch us on

By Dhruvi Chawla


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