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The Federated states of Micronesia!

The Federated states of micronesia
The Federated States of Micronesia

The Federated States of Micronesia– Nothing is truly insignificant on the face of the planet, turning the globe or seeing the world Map there are places that move just past our eyes without even us realizing that they may contain one of the most truly blessed Places and nothing less than a real paradise on Earth.

The Tropical Island group of Micronesia boasts of pristine waters and unparalleled Natural beauty bundled up in an environment of dream destinations. Located on the western fringes of the Pacific Ocean and located east of the Philippines and north of Papua New Guinea. The Federated States of Micronesia or FSM as it is widely called are a group of islands in the Caroline Islands Archipelago and consists of a group of 607 islands extending over a length of 1800 Miles or 2900 Kms representing a string of pearls. The islands are grouped in 4 states of YAP, CHUK, POHNPEI & KOSRAE, having a mixed tradition of 

Apart from the rough typhoon seasons of June to December one can visit these islands and experience a mystifying Tropical climate that would grasp you in the love of the Fresh Ocean breeze, sparkling blue water Atolls.

This state is one of the most offbeat places that you would ever find on this Earth. And amidst this Coronavirus, it would be a perfect getaway to travel.

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