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Wildlife in COVID 19: Why COVID-19 is Good News for Wildlife

wildlife in COVID 19
Here’s how the nature healing itself is good for the Wildlife in COVID 19.
The global pandemic of COVID-19 has resulted in the loss of lives, disruption in society and is a direct hit on the global economy. Lockdowns and shutdowns have been imposed in several parts of the world that has restricted movement of people. bird
As humans remain shut inside their homes, wild animals got a chance to roam freely on the empty streets with several such sightings in the deserted streets of India, Japan, the United States of America and Chile.
wildlife in COVID 19According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading national public health institute of the United States, Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses and in some rare situations Coronavirus that infects animals can become able to infect people. There is no evidence to show that pets, animals or animal products pose a risk for spreading the 2019 novel Coronavirus as of now. But more and more people are avoiding eating meat as the realization is dawning that raising animals for food in filthy conditions is a breeding ground for diseases that can be transferred to humans. happy pets
For years, the ecological balance of the world has been disturbed due to animal killings for meat and other products. It disrupted the food chain and caused the extinction of several species. wildlife in COVID 19Also, the rearing and supply chain of domesticated animals raised for food has contributed in the increasing amount of greenhouse gases. There is a need today to replace livestock products with better alternatives for saving the environment. This is where veganism steps in- it has emerged as a solution to this problem of ecological imbalance.
People are embracing a plant-based vegan diet by shunning dairy, meat and other animal products for personal and societal benefits. A vegan diet has proved to promote weight loss, reduce the risk of heart diseases by decreasing cholesterol level, manage diabetes and lower the chance of getting certain types of cancer like colon cancer. Apart from these personal benefits, a vegan diet is a way forward for an environmental-conscious society.
The happy Wildlife in COVID 19 is itself an example of healing nature.

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