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The wildlife of Masai Mara, Kenya

Masai Mara, Africa, photography, wildlife, chameleon, colourful photography
We take our colours, chameleon like, from each other.


All wildlife is one of the difficult genres of photography, where taking out the features of these beautiful creatures is a challenge. One needs to communicate with your subject through eyes and then capture it through the lens.
Apart from big mammals, even small insects like dragonflies and grasshoppers are
fascinating to capture. I wonder sometimes, God has created such a beautiful living being
that we tend to miss in our daily lives but they don’t fail to add color to our surroundings.
credits:  Sanchi Aggarwal

Camera Used: canon 5d mark 3, Exif -ISO-1250, Focal length- 300mm F=11, shutter speed = 1/640sec



Photo credits: Sanchi Aggarwal

@nomadic_eyes on Instagram

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