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Embracing Nature in Deutschland: My Experience of Sustainable Travel in Germany

What Is Sustainable Travel?

Sustainable travel refers to tourism that has more positive than negative consequences, particularly on the environment, the economy, and communities. Authentic, sustainable, and responsible tourism should improve the quality of life in places where people live as well as visit.

How I travelled sustainably in my recent trip to Germany

#BYB- (bring your bottle) carrying my water bottle and a coffee Mug

#Bringing and using my own hygiene KIT brushing my teeth with wooden brush that I carried with me.

# Using Public transport and major use of Deutsche Bahn

# eating sustainably

# Walking/ hiking/cycling tours

#embracing the nature

#slow travel, staying a little longer and embracing the nature

The treatment and usage of Christmas trees

Using Public Transport

Instead of taking flights, I Used Deutsche Bahn services for travel in Germany and even changing countries in Europe. A few facts about @dautshe Bahn, a German rail system:

The recycling rate is 96.7%

Green House emissions are 42% less as compared to previous years

Honey bee habitat is over 50 million

Reduced noise levels

Food and eating

For sustainability initiatives- I stuck to vegan meals, and fresh fruits to fulfill my hunger pangs, few things I ate- sunflower seeds, rice and Dal, vegan sandwiches (available in Indian food joints), fresh fruits, and an oat milk coffee and few other dishes.

Visiting sunflower fields in and the nature parks and lakes

How they conserve every leaf and plant. The dried sunflower field which is not burnt. They naturally dry, mix in soil and the seeds germinate, unlike the way we burn crops here. Sunflowers as part of a crop have a rotation cycle to improve soil health and break pest cycles. By allowing the sunflowers to mature and decompose in the field, farmers contribute organic matter to the soil and help prepare it for the next crop in the rotation.


Nature and Parks: They have gardens, lakesides, natural parks, and sunbathing in forest walks. I happened to see and visit Palmgartern in Frankfurt, walking down a few recreational parks in the evenings, sat by the natural lake almost untouched by human intervention (lesser-known in EppenBrunn and also did a short forest walk/ hiked a small trail although not too much of a hiking person.

In EppenBrunn I also saw people living in the woods instead of big houses. They live in natural surrounding out of their cabin living/ car converted into a living space, taking a forest bath, feeling absolutely safe in their lone environment, very few minimal clothes to keep themselves hygienic and using public utilities

Recycling of your Christmas Tree in Germany

also read:

People remove all the decorations from the tree, and bring it outside 1 or 2 days before the collection date. They leave the tree on the sidewalk, close to the street without blocking the way or block the sidewalk. The trees are used to make biogas.

Reduced Noise levels

NO Honking or loud talking / listening to loud music: People in Public transport and public spaces usually maintain the decorum of not indulging in loud talks on their mobile phones, they talk softly and do not disturb the fellow passengers. Event pets are used to not barking and have not seen pets getting out of control in parks or in trains.

Palatinate Forest Walk and Hike – Nature’s Embrace:

The Palatinate Forest unfolds as a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts, crisscrossed by an extensive network of trails and paths. Here, visitors can embark on walks or hikes, discover hidden waterfalls, and serene lakes, and encounter captivating wildlife. The Palatinate Forest offers an immersive escape into nature, fostering a profound connection with the earth beneath one’s feet.

Saarschleife Mettlach – Serenity along the Saar River:

My experience at Saarschleife in Mettlach, where the Saar River gracefully forms a captivating loop. A stroll along the Baumwipfelpfad, an elevated path offering panoramic views, allows visitors to appreciate the natural beauty surrounding this picturesque region. The top path visit provides a unique perspective, unveiling the serene beauty of the Saarschleife. Walking up with guided tour, I was explained the history of each and every tree/plant. What impressed me was how Germans are so entwined with not only nature, ttrees, forests but each leaf, each plant was treated with specified identity almost treating them like human like living beings

Few facts

From the mainland right up to the islands, there are amazing cultural and natural landscapes throughout Germany. One-third of Germany consists of protected natural landscapes. 16 national parks, 16 biosphere reserves, and more than 100 nature parks vividly demonstrate how to protect the beauty of nature and preserve biodiversity for the future.

Cycling is liked by all and extensively used by all. Cycling lanes were established almost 120 years ago. Activities like cycling, hiking, and rock climbing come very naturally to them.

The FEEL GOOD sustainability campaign promotes climate- and environmentally-friendly offers in a much-focused way. Potential international travellers can discover Germany’s National Landscapes and sustainable holiday experiences in rural regions.


My conclusion

How they not only travel but live consciously and sustainably. Yet they are one of the strongest economy not only in Europe but in the world

They promote slow travel yet the economy is not dependent on tourism alone hence, we do not see over tourism and reduced carbon foot print

Their Public transport system is one of the most efficient and reliable in Europe and caters to so many countries in Europe

Every part of Germany breathes fresh air, citizens are well aligned. They respect nature. I have seen young and old, kids with families going for hikes, rock climbing, fascination for cycling, and using public transport, even pets/ dogs reduce the noise level. Dogs usually do not bark and are so used to public transport.

All in all would love to visit again and plan to stay longer and explore more about the sustainability inititaves by Germany and spread my learnings and knowledge across the borderes.


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