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Courtyard by Marriott Agra: A Review of Marriott Brand Standards

We have had the opportunity of experiencing innenurable Marriott chains from JW Mussoorie, Le Meridian Resort and Spa Jaipur.,  Renaissance Bangalore, Marriott Jaipur, Aravali and many many more.

Travel Links Review of Marriott Agra This time I wanted to focus more on the procedures that Marriott follows.  Although each experience is different from the other, yet there are striking similarities in few things like  the basic building structure and designing , the quality guidelines, brand standards, the cleaning procedures , staff training and similar aspects.



Nestled in the heart of Agra, the Courtyard Marriott Agra stands as a beacon of luxury and comfort for travellers seeking an unforgettable hospitality experience. During our recent stay, we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in its myriad offerings, ranging from impeccable laundry services to exquisite dining options and a commitment to sustainability. This was our 3rd visit to this particular property and I was qurious about the washing, laundry and cleaning procedures; particarly the lenins being used. THEY ARE GOOD and will tell you why.

Laundry Services: sleeping well with white soft pillows in the comfort of white cotton bed sheets and very soft pillows: One of the first impressions that struck me was the immaculate presentation of the white pure cotton bed sheets adorning the suite room. I did get the chance to converse with a very polite and well-behaved cleaning staff and as they told me: The bed sheets they use are of Welspun Global brand limited. The quality of thick pure cotton is more than 300 TC (thread count), which makes it comfortable and anti-slippery ( In India we do love cotton). It was interesting to know that pillows are washed regularly in different sets of washing machines.The entire laundry sheets, towels, and pillows of all kinds are cleaned according to the norms of Diversey India Hygiene Pvt Ltd. As the staff tells me,  even the pillows are washed in rotation and they have a different set of washing machines for the same. 

The attention to detail in maintaining pristine linens speaks volumes about the hotel’s commitment to excellence. The laundry services surpassed my expectations, ensuring that even the minutest of stains were efficiently removed, leaving behind sheets that exuded freshness and purity—a testament to Courtyard Marriott Agra’s dedication to providing a superior guest experience. They comply with Marriott brand standards from which they cannot divert. It’s all about the trusted vendors they use, the brands they use for fabric softeners, and their drying procedures. Infact on our return to Delhi, we have often purchased the  same quality of bed lenins for our home, found them to be so so good.

Suite Room: Stepping into the suite room was akin to entering a realm of opulence and tranquillity. The spaciousness of the room, coupled with tasteful decor and modern amenities, provided a sanctuary away from the bustling cityscape of Agra. The staff also made us feel special for their special initiatives in decorating the room with rose petals, and special goodies with our picture cake when we entered the room. Another interesting aspect of our room was the poolside view and the peaceful vibes away from the noises in and around, one can utterly relax. They have a total of 17 suites.


About Executive Chef: Khem Raj Ghimray -who pampered us like hell despite being busy 24/7 managing the smooth operations of all the restaurants comes with 24 years of experience in the culinary world.

Aneesh K: F & B manager comes with 14 years of experience. At CY Agra he manages operations of food and beverages and makes sure guests smile with Kamaal kee chai in dhaba style every morning.

Food and Restaurant – Anise: Anise, the hotel’s signature restaurant, beckoned with promises of culinary delights that surpassed expectations. From delectable local cuisine to international fare prepared with finesse, every dish served at Anise was a gastronomic masterpiece. 

A fine-dining Indian restaurant, ANISE offers a delectable selection of locally inspired signature kebabs, curries, and pilafs.

• The décor evokes the city’s rich cultural heritage for a truly uncommon experience.

• The innovative live open kitchen set-up shall enable guests to interact with the chefs.

• Enjoy authentic Indian delicacies with an unmatched view and Local performances.

• Anise boasts of a dramatic design comprising of all-natural elements like fire, water, and open sky, and this is one of its kind in the city.

• Sustainability Initiatives:  Beyond the realm of hospitality, Courtyard Marriott Agra distinguishes itself through its unwavering commitment to sustainability. The hotel has implemented a range of initiatives aimed at reducing its environmental footprint and promoting responsible tourism. From energy-efficient practices to waste reduction measures, Courtyard Marriott Agra is leading the way in eco-conscious hospitality. Guests can take pride in knowing that their stay contributes to a more sustainable future, making their experience at the hotel all the more meaningful. They have a wet Composite machine-(On regular usage along with documentation also which is in compliance  from local government authorities), they are using this manure for the hotel plantation. One of the other things that was told me was they dont even have dustbin in the staff canteens / eating area”s with the aim to avoid/ reduce food wastage policy. 

In conclusion, our stay at Courtyard Marriott Agra was nothing short of exceptional. From the impeccable laundry services and luxurious suite rooms to the culinary delights of Anise and the hotel’s commendable sustainability initiatives, every aspect of my experience surpassed expectations. Courtyard Marriott Agra sets the standard for excellence in hospitality, offering guests a haven of comfort, indulgence, and conscientious stewardship of the environment. Whether visiting for business or leisure, a stay at Courtyard Marriott Agra is an experience to be cherished and remembered fondly.

Last but not least here is our take on Courtyard Marriott Agra: An apt staycation experience for the upper-middle-class.

Perfect weekend gateway and very close to the expressway, easily accessible.

Anise is their world-class Indian-Mughlai cuisine experience which everyone should indulge in.

This break is much recommended during the winters and spring when the weather is pleasing.

Rediscovering Agra with Marriott is what we would highly recommend. Write to us if you would like to know more.


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