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Courtyard by Marriott Aravali: All you need to know

Courtyard by Marriott in Aravali
Courtyard by Marriott in Aravali

The mark of a successful resort stay is the satisfaction you feel after it- the relaxation that seems to have permeated every bone in your body, and your mind that is finally at rest. Even though you know you need to take your leave, your heart yearns to stay, even it is for just a little longer. This is what we felt on our weekend getaway to Courtyard by Marriott, located in the Aravali hills.

Beautifully styled property

It’s a short car ride from Delhi, but the changing scenes outside the window were a mere reflection of our own changing temperaments. Having waved goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the busy cosmopolitan, we were ready to breathe in fresh air, take in the luscious greenery, and bask in the glorious winter sun.

A warm welcome

Our arrival in the resort was a pleasant one. Though tired from the journey, we were eager to take a look at this newly-inaugurated resort. Courtyard by Marriott is a secluded property that bows down to all your needs. The first thing that stood out to us was the vastness of the property. It is absolutely beautiful, with its turquoise pool and modern architecture. Additionally, the place is spotless. The sheets smelled so fresh, and the rooms, with their sleek decor and balcony overlooking the gardens, became our own little cocoons.

Gracious Hospitality 

The wonderful staff of Courtyard .by Marriott
The wonderful staff of Courtyard .by Marriott

The next most memorable thing for us at Courtyard by Marriott was the warmth of the service staff. The hospitality that we received here was truly one of a kind. The synergy among the service staff was exemplary, with everyone not only knowing their own roles, but also taking on some responsibilities of other members when necessary. There were multiple instances where their thoughtfulness and genuine care shined through. If we wanted a harder pillow, it was immediately provided. These few extra steps were a testament to their impeccable training.

Delectable Food

Delicious meals with small portions

Courtyard by Marriott has four distinct restaurants- Glaze, The Aravali Kitchen, Olive Grove, and Huang, in addition to the usual in-room dining option. Glaze is a beautiful, casual lounge with some of the most delicious teas and coffee. The Aravali Kitchen serves some of the most delectable and authentic delicacies of the region, while Huang is a Pan-Asian restaurant which embodies the culinary spirit of the East.

Poolside setting
Poolside setting

However, it was the Olive Grove, with its poolside setting, vibrant Sunday brunch accompanied by a live concert that stole our hearts. Not only was the food scrumptious, the chefs were very accommodating of our needs. Since we eat mono meals and follow portion control, this stood out to us.

Sunday Brunch
Sunday Brunch at Courtyard by Marriott
Sunday Brunch
Amazing booze

The Sunday brunch is something you should definitely not miss. With a range of mouth-watering dishes, delicate desserts and refreshing beverages, it was a heartfelt experience. The sunny hours spent on the poolside with lively music playing captured the essence of a lazy Sunday afternoon.

A special birthday

Sunday, the second and last day of our getaway, was my birthday. The staff went beyond their means to set up a barbecue in our backyard. When we told them that we did not prefer large meals such as these, they were accommodating enough to arrange a special in-room meal for us.

Rejuvenating Spas

Levo Spa

Another glistening example of the hospitality we received at Courtyard by Marriott was by the staff at the spa. An outsourced spa, my experience here was truly pleasant. I was in immense pain from having pulled my back. However, the masseuse gave me such a good massage that I came out feeling like I had been “fixed”. The soothing atmosphere, the calming music and the experienced service staff made my time here therapeutic.

A memorable stay At courtyard by Marriott Aravali
A memorable stay

Our stay at Courtyard by Marriott was fulfilling. A true luxury experience which stands up to the Marriott legacy. We brought back the warmth of the service staff and the soulfulness of the resort with us. Waking up to the sound of birds chirping, going on walks in the serene calmness of the property and getting to explore its beauty- these are memories etched in our minds. Listening to the honking and traffic on my way back to Delhi, we yearned to go back to the tranquillity of Courtyard by Marriott. It has been aptly named “your urban retreat”.

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