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Romantic activities to do in the Seychelles

Sunset over granite Anse

Not only is Seychelles known for its azure crystal waters, world-renowned beaches, or tranquil way of life, but the island is one of the world’s top destinations for a romantic getaway. From indulging in decadent local cuisine to unwinding in a well-earned spa retreat, here is a list of top romantic activities to do as a couple in the Seychelles!

Underwater Experience

Taking off on an underwater adventure in the deep blue sea can be a sensorial experience. The island is home to numerous, colourful marine life and venturing into great depths of Seychelles’ waters can open your eyes to a breath-taking ecosystem. Glass bottom boats and semi submarines are another option to gaze at the incomparable variety of fishes and corals in a relaxed setting.

Local Cuisine

Michel Denousse

Image credit :Michel Denousse

Seychelles has a rich culinary background, stemming from Indian, Chinese and African origin. Seychelles being a melting point means that the nation’s flavour palette is packed with tantalising spices, vibrant colours and fragrant aromas. Trendy restaurants are lining the island’s coasts, combining gourmet creole food and a picturesque view. It is highly recommended that couples indulge in the delights of creole gastronomy: mouth-watering banana la daube to satiate your sweet tooth, and smoky grilled fish to truly experience the local delicacies.

Beach Picnic

What’s more romantic than having an intimate picnic on an award-winning beach with your loved one? All that is required is the basics: towels, snacks, and the beach! Every inch of the island shore has a spectacular view so you never have to worry about any shortages in picnic spots. Up the ante by renting a luxury picnic, personalised solely for you and your significant other. Idyllic for honeymooners, luxury picnic takes all responsibilities off your hands and lets you be completely immersed in an exclusive experience.

Spa and Retreat Day

Add a pinch of relaxation to your stay with a much-needed day at the spa! A holistic holiday is just what the doctor ordered, and plenty of packages offer a deluxe pampering session to allow couples to unwind. Most hotels offer couples massages catered to everyone’s needs, ranging from rejuvenating facials to a full body massage infused with local herbs and fruits. Seychelles is deeply rooted with its flora and fauna, making the island’s vibrations restorative qualities even more intense.

Adventure Time

Image credit: Paul Turcotte

Adrenaline junkies unite! There’s always more to uncover in the island so why not zip-line through the luscious green forest canopy? The island is synonymous to tranquillity, however couples prone to adventuring can see Seychelles as their haven. The windy season is perfect for adventure enthusiasts looking to kitesurf whilst overlooking a scenic backdrop, and even horse riding is available to add a fairy tale ambience to daring honeymooners.

Sunset on the beach

Wrap the end of your day with a bow by watching the sunset together. The north is ideal for beholding the sky switching from a brilliant turquoise to a fiery amber. Nothing is more romantic than blissfully taking a light stroll on the beach. Stargazing is also on the table for couples looking to cuddle over a clear, diamond speckled sky.


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