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Thailand’s biggest festival Songkran

Countdown to Thailand’s biggest festival, Songkran, a UNESCO-listed ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’

Celebrated between 13 to 15 of April every year, Songkran is celebrated.
It ushers the traditional Thai Year with grace and exuberance. The cultural significance
of Songkran is such that it was recently awarded the prestigious status of an “Intangible
Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO.
The grand festival, much like Holi, brings communities together and attracts many Indian
travellers due to its familiar charm. However, in this case, water is used for celebration
instead of colours. The act of splashing water holds deep symbolic meaning, representing
physical cleansing and spiritual renewal. This also forms a major highlight for travellers from
around the world who visit Thailand to experience “the greatest water fighting event on the
Traditionally, it is a time for Thai people to express their gratitude and spiritual devotion for
the new year. Families are seen making offerings of food and floral garlands at the temples
and praying for the longevity of their elders. The celebration also includes community events,
colourful parades, and larger-than-life cultural performances held across the kingdom.
Where to witness
A major highlight of this event will be the ‘Maha Songkran Parade’ with 20 grand processions and more than 1,000 performers, which will depart from
Phan Fa Lilat Bridge and make its final stop at Sanam Luang.
Following the Maha Songkran Parade are distinctive Songkran traditions of 16 provinces,
including Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Chon Buri, Samut Prakan, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Chiang
Rai, Nong Khai, Phitsanulok, Songkhla, Buri Ram, Ayutthaya, Nakhon Phanom, Lampang,
Loei, Sukhothai and Phuket. The remaining processions will feature attractions on Thailand’s
Fashion, Games, Films and Series, and Festivals.
In the Water Zone, travellers can find a host of exhilarating splash activities, including a
musical dancing fountain, water tunnel, gigantic wading pool, and water station. Visitors will
also have a chance to buy local products and souvenirs from vendors converging from
different parts of the kingdom at the festival fair while beholding a drone show. The entire
event is poised to be broadcast globally, allowing people all around the world to witness the
magic of Songkran – A vibrant part of Thailand’s rich culture.

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