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  The Journey of Payal Sahni and her dream Project Travel Links

In this century women are rising above the horizon and leaving their mark. Such women are an inspiration to many others. Amongst such women is another prodigious lady, Payal Sahni, the Editor of Travel Links Magazine.

Her journey started way back when she was only a little girl with nothing but just dreams in her eyes. She belonged to a small town and a big family. She was always taught to be fearless and she always was.

Media industry was considered a very respected sector even in the 1990s. Talent and hard work paid off well. She started her career when she started working for an American buying house but then she was introduced to the media industry by her husband Pankaj Sahni. She started working for a men’s lifestyle magazine. She has also worked for some of the prestigious media houses of the country: The Hindu and The Times of India.

At the very beginning of her career, she got a lot of exposure and learned so much as she grew. She really focused on adjusting to various kinds of people coming from all different backgrounds and places. She was also much disciplined as she thought was one of the keys of being a good creator.

After gaining more than 20 years of experience and mastering the field, she finally decided to take a step down. But being a strong woman, she birthed a strong daughter who refused to see her mother make a quit and reignited the flame in her. Who could have challenged her more than her own daughter, perhaps she was trying to bring the best in her mother by provoking her. Hence Travel Links emerged.

When she started this magazine, it began with the very simple thought of travelling and writing about it. However, a lot changes when one becomes an entrepreneur. It comes with an immense sense of responsibility and it transformed her to the core. The more she dug deep and explored, the greater she could connect herself with nature. She endured the aesthetic beauty to its core and empathizes with wildlife, and the issues they encounter. Conservation of natural resources and creating awareness are extremely important to her and the magazine. Being so close to nature affects you to your core and there is nothing better. It was her endeavor to focus on sustainable tourism, eco-friendly holidays, and promoting local tourism with the same intensity as luxury escapades. Travel Links magazine gives its readers pleasurable and informative and authentic content on traveling with consciousness. Payal Sahni was very much interested in luxury travel as well and hence has a passion to give light to it and wants more and more people to know and enjoy luxury travel.

 Travel Links which once was just an idea is one of the top 10 Travel Magazines in India today. With every passing day, it is growing and so are we. Travel Links have successfully engaged its’ readers on various digital platforms as well. Travel Links has an increasing number of followers on all social media platforms. 

Ever since the inception of COVID 19, things have taken a turn. From fun meetings and traveling to on-call meets and video tours of places, covid has really disheartened many of us. Work used to be fun and never a burden. A strong and determined lady as she is, she still has managed to somehow maintain the liveliness of Travel Links. The magazine and its readers are still as excited for a new issue as they were earlier. Not just the magazine but Payal has successfully maintained the high spirits of the team of Travel Links. We still write about various destinations, opportunities, tourism, and travel with the essence of luxury and eco-travel in it. Covid has changed a lot of things, but it could not change the determination, passion, and spirit of Payal Sahni and Travel Links

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