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5 Mind Blowing Things About Madhya Pradesh Rural Tourism

5 Mind Blowing Things About Madhya Pradesh Rural Tourism

Madhya Pradesh rural tourism has no surprise bagged the best tourism award. Madhya Pradesh, already recognized for its vast tourist potential, is now focused on rural tourism and safe tourism for women, in addition to attempting to obtain additional monuments on the UNESCO world heritage list to showcase its diverse tourism attractions.

Tourism has taken on a new look in the post-Covid era. It is responsible, long-term, inclusive, and immersive. Tourists not only want to visit less congested areas, but they also want to engage with residents and learn about their culture and way of life. The Rural Tourism Programme of the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board could not have come at a better time. The goal was to make tourism locations more welcoming by focusing on cultural experiences that incorporated local populations.

Madhya Pradesh is renowned as the “heart of India” because of its central location. It is, indeed, a synthesis of all things Indian. Tourists worldwide are drawn to MP’s natural beauty and national parks, history and cultural attractions, famous temples, and holy pilgrimage sites.


Best Culture Experiences To Charm You

Baghelkhand, Bundelkhand, and Chambal in the north and northeast highlight the essence of rural life and culture, in addition to cultural specialties. On the other hand, Malwa, Nimar, and Mahakaushal in the west and south highlight the distinct culture of their tribal and indigenous people.

Madhya Pradesh’s rural experience is unlike any other. Tourists may stay in pleasant homestays designed just for them. They embark on excursions in and around the hamlet, refreshing themselves in a fresh, clean atmosphere while immersing themselves in the local culture.

Tourists may also learn about local cuisine and culinary skills, clothing, dialect, rituals and conventions, traditions, traditional modes of transportation, jewelry, cosmetics, musical instruments, traditional healing systems, art, food preservation methods, customs, and hospitality. Spirituality, traditional religious ceremonies, marital traditions, fairs and festivals, rural games, and seasonal music are also included in the experiences. It is a genuinely enlightening experience.


Explore The Experiences Of Forest Village – Thadipathar

In the forest settlement Thadipathar, you will be greeted by the breathtaking natural beauty and lush green forest of Saal. The clean and fresh air, organic cuisine, and remote tribal lifestyle make your visit and stay unforgettable. The extra kilometers to enjoy organic food, pure air, water, a saal, bamboo forest, and tribal culture are well worth the effort. The forest surrounds it, and two rivers, Gopad and Mahan, run nearby, demonstrating effective protection and management of natural resources. The community is about 2 kilometers from the Sanjaydubri sanctuary and the Charka Pani waterfall.


Discover The Beauty Of The Rare Village – Madla

Madla is a remarkable village in India with all three natural geographic elements within a kilometre, with the river, mountains, and forest all within one kilometre of the region. Karnawati (Ken), Asia’s cleanest river, runs through the settlement. The community’s understanding of natural resources is astounding. Madla is about 10 kilometers from the Pandava Falls and Caves, which are close to the Panna National Park and Khajuraho – the UNESCO World Heritage Site is only 19 kilometers away. Folk music, dancing, local festivals, and Bundelkhand cuisine are some of the village’s intangible heritage. The architecture of the dwellings retains the village’s identity. The paintings on the home walls depict local culture and art. 


Admire The Art & Craft

Since immemorial, MP’s villages have been reservoirs of art and craft. This continuous tradition is still going on today. However, it is frequently noted that craftspeople cannot obtain the appropriate price for their items. This has deterred the younger generation from learning the art. Keeping this in mind, children are being chosen and educated to create a range of goods that may be marketed as souvenirs in order to preserve age-old talents. The souvenirs will be designed with public demand and business feasibility in mind. Village training and manufacturing centers are being established to generate these environmentally conscious mementos.


Visit The City Of Caves – Khokra

The settlement of Khokara is located amid a lovely green forest. It is surrounded by mountains and caverns, which is why the village’s name is ‘Khokara,’ which means “surrounded by deep caves.” The tribes’ culture, traditions, and lifestyles, along with the concepts of sustainable living and responsible tourism, provide a fantastic experience for visitors. The large caverns that encircle the towns, a dam nearby, and the mountains on the community’s outskirts are all natural gifts to the village. The natural beauty is breathtaking. Another well-known site close is the Sanjay Dubri sanctuary. The forest surrounds the perimeter, and two rivers run nearby, demonstrating effective natural resource conservation management. 


Final Thought

The Madhya Pradesh Rural Tourism Programme is a real example of how rural tourism can improve the look of a hamlet while providing meaningful employment to the locals. Furthermore, rural tourism offers an excellent opportunity for city inhabitants to gain firsthand knowledge about countries living in the midst of nature.

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