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The Authentic Singaporean roots have been introduced in Delhi, India

Mai Bao, the newly introduced restaurant in DLF Avenue Mall in Saket, Delhi will spellbound each guest with the scrumptious Singaporean cuisine they are introducing. The bite of each food item establishes an amazing and authentic connection with the flavors of Singaporean dishes. It follows a great theme of pastel colors in the interior of the restaurant, this makes the place more joyous and exciting for the kids

and their families.

The staff is courteous and humble, they welcome with a smile in their eyes and with a true Indian Greeting gesture by folding both hands for the ‘Namaskar’ for each of their respected guests. They serve with utmost warmth and pleasure that it will make the moment for the visitors more relaxing and gleeful.








The restaurant serves a Detox cup of a drink made with churned carrot, orange juice, and a garnish of a baby carrot. The drink is best for the diet freaks and absolutely rejuvenates the one with the burst of tangy and sweet flavors on the first sip. Another in the line is the ‘Cobbler’ which is the sweet and refreshing watermelon drink.












As the food discovery is going on we can see another bundle of the unexplored mesmerizing color plate has arrived for our palate which has a Pomelo Salad with Southeast Asian fruits drizzled over it along with sweet-chili, roasted cashews, and dried shallots.







Followed with the Shanghai Dumplings which is highly appetizing for the one. The best is the combination of the sweet and tangy flavor of the meal that makes it appealing on every munch.








Mai Bao immensely surprises with the gradual revelation of its best dishes coming out on the table of the guest one such truly divine is the Yam puffs.   A perfectly crisped and yum on the taste buds stuffed with yam puree and spinach. If we have talked about divine then an absolute beatific combination of coconut gravy along with healthy veggies is definitely next in line, ‘Laksa soup’ is the ultimate one for all vegetarian folks.

A meal without dessert cannot be imagined.  So to top it all, Mai Bao has not yet finished their treasure of ravishing delights mentioned as ‘Chef’s special dessert Platter’on the menu and in its truest sense, the dessert platter is marvelously special.

The platter is accommodated with ‘Mai Coconut and Mai Marshmello’. The concept of presenting Mai coconut is enthralling. It is made of sweet coconut cream sets inside the chocolate bowl and on another half, there is ‘Mai Marshmello’ which looks like a pastry topped with tender soft, pink marshmallow icing.















High-end food with economical rates of Rs 1400-15009 approx for two-people. The interior theme loved by kids.  Moreover, all covid safety protocols are highly taken care of by the staff.

Avantika Sinha Bahl ,the  owner of the restaurant who also runs the Japanese restaurant Kampai, and the luxury catering company EBK catering, has what she calls a “great love for Singapore”. She often wondered why Singaporean dishes do not make their way to Indians, and put her heart into the stylish fifty-seater. Bahl believes that Singaporean flavours, like the mix between sweet and sour; street-style dumplings can really take off with Delhi’s diners.

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