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Gudguda – A weekend getaway for locals, a hidden gem for tourists.

A trip to Odisha usually begins by charting out an itinerary for a historical tour of the state, starting with the famed Jagannath Temple and ending with a calm evening at the Chilika Lake. However, while on the journey, tourists rarely go off their planned route, missing out on eye candy such as the waterfall at Gudguda.

Located in the Bamra-Gangpur forest of the Sambalpur district, this place was once unmapped. Eventually, this enchanting cascade waterfall and its surrounding area was turned into a picnic spot for tourists. Regularly maintained by tourism officials, this region is usually empty except the peak summer months and New Year season.

Covered with dense forests and orchards, the ethereal foliage is livened up by a myriad of birds chirping away to compliment the sound of the gushing water. It is a three level waterfall with the highest level accessed by trekking a rocky hill.

A great place to relax your shoulders, splash some water and be one with nature, it is located about a hundred kilometres from both Sambalpur and Rourkela in western Odisha. A fantasy world nestled in nature’s lap, Gudguda is a perfect setting for those seeking to escape the bustle of better known tourist destinations.

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