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Canvas V, a Plant-Forward Kitchen + Bar, Reimagines Vegan Cuisine Craft

With fresh flavours, innovative techniques, and a commitment to the planet, Canvas V sets a new standard for plant-based dining.

Challenging preconceptions about plant-based dining, Canvas V, a brand new plant-forward restaurant and bar, is opening its doors in the city’s heart at Panchshila Park, Malviya Nagar Road, New Delhi. At a mere age of 24, Chef Divij Agarwal leads Canvas V with a remarkable blend of talent and youthful innovation in the culinary landscape, committed to delivering an unforgettable experience, showcasing the vibrancy and deliciousness of plant-forward cuisine while prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices.

Chef Divij’s story revolves around personal transformation and a desire to create positive change. Raised in a family deeply rooted in the dairy industry, he discovered the power of veganism during college, prompting a quest to explore the endless possibilities of plant-based cooking. After honing his skills at the prestigious Institute of Culinary Education in New York and working at renowned restaurants like Jean-Georges, Chef Divij returned to India with a mission: to showcase the joy, depth, and deliciousness of vegan food while highlighting the potential of responsible sourcing and culinary innovation.

Canvas V places a distinct emphasis on plants, steering away from imitation meats and highlighting the authentic essence of plant-based cuisine. The menu highlights fresh, seasonal produce’s inherent flavours and textures while incorporating artisanal techniques like fermentation to unlock a world of umami flavours.

Canvas V extends its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices beyond the plate. This translates to minimising plastic use in the kitchen and packaging, sourcing ingredients locally and sustainably, utilising organic, eco-friendly cleaning products. They even partner with local artisans for handcrafted elements like coasters and napkins, ensuring their values permeate every dining experience.

Canvas V’s interior design echoes its commitment to sustainability and plant-based living. Earthy tones create a warm and inviting atmosphere, complemented by abundant live plants and a hydroponic rack showcasing fresh, house-grown ingredients. Handmade lighting fixtures and a striking canvas by Chef Divij’s sister further enhance the space’s unique character.

Canvas V’s vision extends beyond serving delicious food. The restaurant endeavors to captivate a diverse audience, welcoming guests with diverse taste preferences and showcasing the power of plant-based cuisine to be exciting, flavorful, and environmentally responsible. Through its innovative culinary approach, commitment to sustainability, and focus on fostering a welcoming and comfortable dining experience, Canvas V paves the way for a more conscious and delicious future for all.


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