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Delhi Capitals Welcomes Encalm Hospitality as Hospitality Partner for IPL 2024

Encalm, a leader in travel and airport hospitality is thrilled to announce its partnership with Delhi Capital as the hospitality partner for the much-anticipated IPL season. This exciting collaboration marks a significant milestone for Encalm as it continues to expand its footprint in the world of sports and community engagement.

Encalm Hospitality’s partnership with Delhi Capitals for the IPL 2024 season marks an exciting chapter in both companies’ journeys. As Encalm further expands its presence into the realm of sports, this collaboration underscores its commitment to fostering community engagement and delivering unparalleled experiences. With exclusive branding opportunities and a shared passion for cricket, Encalm and Delhi Capitals are poised to create unforgettable moments for fans and further elevate the excitement surrounding the IPL.

Talking about the partnership, Mr Vikas Sharma, the CEO of Encalm Hospitality says “As a lifelong cricket enthusiast, the sport embodies more than mere competition—it’s a fervent passion fostering camaraderie and excitement. Partnering with Delhi Capitals underscores my enduring dedication to cricket and its profound community impact. Through Encalm Hospitality’s alliance with this dynamic IPL team, we embrace cricket’s essence, engaging with fans authentically and enriching the sport’s vibrant legacy. I am thrilled by the potential of this partnership and eager to translate my cricket fervour into unforgettable fan experiences, both on and off the field.”


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