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7 Fun & Affordable Things To Do In Singapore

7 Fun & Affordable Things To Do In Singapore

Fun & affordable things to do in Singapore might sound surprising, isn’t it? Singapore may be the home of Crazy Rich Asians, but we’re not all vast spenders unless you consider the occasional frantic expenditure on ride-hailing apps during a spike. So, if you’re seeking ways to have a good time this weekend without breaking the bank (thanks, inflation), you’ve come to the perfect spot. Whether you enjoy the arts, nature, or a little shopping and gourmet food, there’s something for everyone (even the budget-conscious) on our list of inexpensive things to do in Singapore. Continue reading, and be gentle to your wallet!


Fun & Affordable Things To Do In Singapore #1 – Cool Off In underground Malls

The subterranean malls with air conditioning are the finest locations to cool down in this scorching metropolis. You’ll be able to wander around most of the city without being exposed to the heat and humidity. Because it becomes cool at night, it might save you money on A/C at your hotel or hostel. You may also spend an afternoon exploring Singapore for free.

7 Fun & Affordable Things To Do In Singapore

Fun & Affordable Things To Do In Singapore #2 – Wander Through Gardens By The Bay

Get lost in this beautiful green landscape spanning 250 acres of land, surrounded by mega trees and biodomes. Gardens by the Bay has over 800 plant species from various temperature zones, each housed in its own domes, such as the Desert Dome, Flower Dome, Cloud Forest Dome, and others that will take your breath away.

A flowing waterfall, vivid sculptures, and tall super trees that seem lush and wonderful, especially during the evening music and light display, will also greet you. Keep an eye out for the breathtaking sight that awaits!

7 Fun & Affordable Things To Do In Singapore

Fun & Affordable Things To Do In Singapore #3 – Visit The Singapore Zoo

There’s a reason why Singapore Zoo often ranks first on lists of the finest things to do in Singapore on a budget. The Singapore Zoo has every sort of animal you’ve ever wanted to see. Baboons, mongooses, sloths, lemurs, and flying foxes live in the vast area and can be seen roaming freely.

Polar bears and wolverines, which are uncommon in the tropics, may also be seen in one of the biodomes. Watch the monkeys’ antics and be enchanted by the gorgeous leopards and white tigers. Make sure to take your kids to the Rainforest for fun horseback riding and water slides.

7 Fun & Affordable Things To Do In Singapore

Fun & Affordable Things To Do In Singapore #4 – Witness Adventures At Night Safari

Not happy with the birds at Jurong Park? Visit the Night Safari, which is unquestionably one of the most enjoyable things to do in Singapore on a budget for the entire family! The night safari is a frightening but wonderful experience that brings you up and personal with the park’s tigers, alligators, fruit bats, and other nocturnal species.

The safari is conducted by an electric tram, and the highlight is the Creatures of the Night performance, which youngsters will undoubtedly enjoy! Carry your camera to capture the gorgeous wildlife, but ensure the flash is turned off to avoid upsetting the tranquil animals.

7 Fun & Affordable Things To Do In Singapore

Fun & Affordable Things To Do In Singapore #5 – Enjoy Adventure At Cove Waterpark

If you and your family can’t get enough of the crystal blue waters, you’ll enjoy Adventure Cove Waterpark! Receive on a mat and glide down exhilarating water slides, get an adrenaline boost as you are swept into the Whirlpool, and conclude the day by resting in the big wave pool.

You might opt to explore exotic jungles or dive among colorful coral reefs. Adventure Cove guarantees a thrilling experience for everybody! It’s no surprise that it’s one of the greatest cheap things to do in Singapore!

7 Fun & Affordable Things To Do In Singapore

Fun & Affordable Things To Do In Singapore #6 – Eat Cheap Food In Little India, Singapore

Singapore has numerous excellent restaurants, but many are too pricey. However, one of the greatest locations to eat is in Low India, where superb Indian dishes can fill your stomach for as little as 5 SGD. Make a point of visiting locations where you can eat with your hands! They are the most authentic and local establishments. You’ll most likely be the only Westerner in there, so expect folks to stare. Eating at these locations was still the most enjoyable part of my trip to Singapore.

Visit the Tekka Center, a hawker that sells Indian apparel, goods, and cuisine. The cuisine is inexpensive and tasty, providing an authentic Little India experience. Ananda Bhavan is a sit-down meal experience. It is the country’s oldest vegetarian restaurant and is well worth a visit if you want to sample some tremendous Southern Indian food. Even if you dislike vegetarian cuisine, you will enjoy it!

Fun & Affordable Things To Do In Singapore #7 – Hit The Beach

Sentosa Island is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You may sit back and relax on the beach there. There are three beaches to choose from here, depending on your preferences. Siloso beach is ideal for activities, Tanjong beach is ideal for relaxing and enjoying a drink, and Palawan beach is ideal if you’re travelling with children. While you won’t get the same beach experience as you would in Thailand (there are loads of cargo ships in the ocean! ), it’s still a nice spot to go for the day and soak up some rays.

Final Thought

Singapore may not be the most inexpensive city in the world, but there are some methods to make it less expensive. You can easily enjoy Singapore without breaking the bank by dining cheaply, walking, and taking advantage of deals! Explore everything in Singapore without hesitating, and may you have the best time there!

Do you have any suggestions for a low-cost trip to Singapore? Please leave them in the comments!

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