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We left of in the previous issue on pairing wines with foods. Hope you have had a chance to try some of the mentioned wines with your favorite dishes in the previous article of world of wines.

In this issue, we will focus on wine cocktails and mocktails or non alcoholic beverages.

As the festival of colors approaches traditionally known as ‘HOLI’. I thought of providing some unique ways to involve wines and create a few good cocktails using the wines. To add a few interesting non alcoholic beverages especially for kids.

Let us begin with the famous red wine Sangria. There several ways to create and enjoy the Spanish cocktail, traditionally made with red wine, cubes or chopped fruits and brandy or orange juice with a dash of cane sugar syrup.

A Pinot Noir wine, not too expensive, is a lighter choice that will bring upfront fruitiness to your Sangria as compared to a Cabernet Sauvignon with loads of aromas like blackcurrant and cocoa or coffee.

As mentioned in the earlier articles, your palate is the best judge to enjoy your wine. With this season of colours, the world of wines is taking to a new experience of beverages.

What is involved in making sangria? World of Wines is here to tell

Red Wine Sangriared wine sangria

Chopped Fruits (Pear, Apple, Peach, Orange, Strawberries, Raspberries, Cherry’s) The fruits can be cut into small cubes and keep some sliced for garnishing the glass or jar

  • 50 ml Cane sugar
  • 50 ml Brandy
  • 2 whole Lemons

Club soda to top it off before serving to give that fizz… Now that we have all our ingredients, we can go ahead and mix them together. To start with, cut cubes of apples, lemon, oranges and strawberries into a glass jar. Pour your choice of red wine into the glass jar. Add 50 ml of the cane sugar syrup Add Brandy (on how strong you would like the sangria to be) Once all the ingredients are in the glass jar, refrigerate the glass jar over night so the sangria is chilled and the fruits have now infused well with the beverages.

Before serving, just add a dash of club soda for the fizz.. Or you can do without it and enjoy!

White wine sangriaworld of wines


White wine – in this recipe to use Sauvignon blanc

Chopped Green apple

Chopped pears

4 Cinnamon Sticks

3 Cardamom Pcs

50 ml cane sugar syrup

50 ml Orange Liquor – Cointreau

Pour all into the glass jar and place in the fridge over night
I used the cinnamon and the cardamom to give the white wine sangria a touch of spiced flavors
Here are a few great non alcoholic beverages to enjoy for the festival of colors!

Ice cream floatsIce cream


3 scoops vanilla ice cream in a tall glass

Pure orange juice over the ice cream

Top it with a dash of sprite

Fresh fruits mocktail

Chilly virgin mohitoMojito in world of wines

Two tbl spoons brown sugar

Two whole lemons

Mint leaves (small bunch)

1 green chilly chopped

Crush them in the glass using a muddler or a tall spoon

Add ice cubes till the top of the glass

Add club soda

Add a dash of sprite

Fresh mint leave to garnish

Coke Floatcoke float

Three scoops of coffee ice cream

Add coke Top it with whipped cream

Fruits basket of juices

100 ml Orange juice

50 ml Pomegranate juice

100 ml Water melon juice

100 ml Carrot juice

Mint leaves

Slice of orange to garnish

Enjoy your beverages this HolI with the world of wines

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