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What is Sustainable Travel & How to Travel Better in India?

Wondering what sustainable travel is? You may have heard many types of travels and sustainable travel and tourism seem to be something out of the ordinary. Well, yes, it is. Without further ado let’s get into it.


What is Sustainable Travel?

As per the World Tourism Organization, Sustainable Travel and Tourism is that kind of travel & tourism that meets the needs of tourists and host regions while protecting & enhancing future opportunities.

This kind of tourism is primarily focused on not only maintaining & preserving the environment but also on maintaining the cultural & natural integrity, biological diversity, ecological processes & life support systems.

In a nutshell, when you travel to any place, it should effectively reduce the negative impact on the environment as well as the tourism industry and benefit the locals in the process. As the travel enthusiast, we need to work together to reinforce the positive relationship between the environment, tourism & poverty reduction.

How to travel better in India?

Traveling in India can be a life-changing experience for many. However, it does come with some struggles. Below are a few things that everyone must know to travel better &in a sustainable way in India.

  • Use environmental resources in an optimal way that are vital for the tourism industry.
  • Maintain cultural & natural heritage, biodiversity, and essential ecological processes.
  • Respect the socio-economic & cultural authenticity of local communities and converse their traditional values and living cultural heritage.

If you want to travel sustainably, you should choose destinations with low flying hours. Make use of public transport when you reach the destination. Also, try to have authentic Indian cuisines and avoid food imported from outside of India. Because such imported foods only increase carbon emission levels.

India hosts a large pool of tourist destinations that people from around the world can select for sustainable travel & tourism.

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