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Monsoon Travel at Tungi Village


Monsoon Travel- Tungi Village Near Pavna Lake Location: Approx. 81 kms From Mumbai and approx. 85 kms from Pune nestled in between the foothills of Tungi Fort and overlooking lake Pavna.

Why fear the hills; the monsoon travel when the grass is greener than the green, the sky constantly changing its moods/ colours, from being bluer than the blue , suddenly turning multicolor to being grey once again and getting starry at times, with unannounced sound of thunder. The earth actually smells like the earth and the fragrance of wet patched lands can beat any fragrances. Tungi village is located approximately 20 kms ahead of Lonavala.tungi village club mahindra resort

It is the untouched, rustic, noncommercial location where we don’t see a soul for very long stretches, no hustle bustle or any kind of so called modern life. If you love drenching yourself and becoming one with nature, then this is the place to be.

There is wildness and variety of blooming flowers, trees which is a treasure to your eyes and memories for a long time to come. In our stay there in the month of August, it rained continuously for 6 consecutive days, which gave us ample opportunity to sit and gaze at the beauty of our surroundings from our cafeteria. Then one could just hire a bicycle which the Rorts provide and cycle around in the lush green valley. The resorts also have ample play zones, activity areas where one could engage themselves if they would like to stay

The organic food fresh from the farms is something not to be missed. We can all imagine when we see good culmination of hills, lakes, vast green lands, paddy fields at the same time all in one place. This a perfect weekend getaway for some quiet time to be with yourself or with friends and family who look forward to spending quality time together. However, if one too used to the Urban life, then one has to go down at least 20 kms to be in Lonavala and for some local shopping.

But if you want to drench yourself, then this beauty of western Ghats is not to be missed out. Recommendations: travel light, Umbrella, Raincoat, some basic medicines Shoes: non slippery, clothes easy dry-able.

Holiday in Tungi Village? I would always say- Bring it On.

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