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The Modern Indian Wedding gets a Royal Makeover

When it comes to celebrating the ultimate expression of love, there’s simply no better way to do it than on board a cruise ship. From an intimate mehendi to an extravagant sangeet to a traditional ceremony, a cruise wedding gives you the joy of creating unforgettable moments with your loved ones as you sail from one spectacular destination to the next. Indians love marriages. Period. The frenzy that surrounds an impending grand Indian wedding ceremony distinguishes it from other marriage ceremonies the world over. Defined in one word, every Indian wedding is spectacular and every Indian family wants their weddings to be extraordinary in every way imaginable.

They want to offer the guests an experience unlike any other, and in this search for unique experiences, cruise ships are becoming the preferred wedding destination. Imagine having all your friends and loved ones close together on a trip, and letting them be witness to the most important day of your life as a beautiful dusk sun and shimmering waters acts as the perfect backdrop. With a truly unique setting, path breaking experiences, an unmatched array of features and customisation options, a cruise wedding not only opens the doors to a world of endless possibilities but is also a oneof-a-kind experience for everyone to enjoy.

Cruise Weddings – A Wedding Planner’s Dream

The growing accessibility to International cruise liners at affordable prices has made it a viable option for Indian travel enthusiasts. However, when it comes to weddings, cruises have an appeal of their own. Besides the fact that it is an unconventional idea, it also solves a few logistical challenges. A cruise ship is like a floating resort, and it helps to access every resource easily. A cruise ship can not only accommodate a large number of guests but also has a dedicated staff to attend to their Promotion Oct-nov 2019 | Travellinks 31 every need ensuring that they are well taken care of. And with a wide range of activities and entertainment options available on board, guests of all ages are thoroughly entertained throughout the journey. The convenience that a cruise wedding offers is truly unparalleled, making the entire experience seamless and hassle-free.

Making Weddings a Royal Affair

One of the world’s leading cruise lines, Royal Caribbean International, offers you an amazing choice of wedding packages and customisation options to add your own extra-special touches to the celebrations with Wedding Beyond Extraordinary. These include-salon and spa services, photography, art décor, gift delivery services, onboard entertainment as well as the option to bring your own star talent on board for spellbinding performances. To elevate the experience to a whole new level, Royal Caribbean offers live music shows for various ceremonies, whether it be the soothing notes of a pianist, a DJ belting out the choicest romantic tracks or a live band for the gathering to ‘let their hair down’. Moreover, these facilities are offered through all-inclusive packages for wedding events, which reduces the costs involved as well.

Extra-Special Touches For An Incredible Event

Salon & Spa Services Whether it’s pampering yourself with a relaxing massage or getting ready for the special day with a private hair and makeup session, Royal Caribbean offers you countless ways to relax and unwind on board.

These days, pre and post wedding photo shoots have become the rage, and cruise weddings are ideal destinations to significantly add to the elegance and splendour of wedding videos. The beautiful backdrop of the sea, amazing destinations that the ships sail through, beaches and the ever changing colourscape of the vast sky add something new to the visual language of each frame. With a cruise wedding, you have the option to capture your special moments with a team of professionally trained photographers or bring your own on board.

From the mehendi and haldichooda to the reception, make the celebration come alive with an exquisite choice of decor featuring the freshest flowers, custom bouquets and a wide variety of accents and arrangements.

Hospitality Desk
Bring your own hospitality desk on board to cater exclusively to your guests, ensuring that they’re treated like Royalty with dedicated service whenever they need it.

Gift Delivery Service
Royal Caribbean International also offers a gift delivery service, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of gifts for your guests and conveniently have them delivered to their rooms.

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