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The Secret City In Rajsthan – Banswara, Which No One Knows About

The Secret City In Rajsthan - Banswara, Which No One Knows About

Banswara, the greenest city of Rajasthan, is not much well-known among people. A region in Rajasthan is little-known and much less visited. The tribal district of Rajasthan – Banswara – is located in the southern part of the state, bordered by the Aravalli Hills and the Mahi Dam. Based on photographs, Banswara may have been misunderstood as the North Eastern state of Meghalaya or the Lake District of England. I couldn’t believe a metropolis of a hundred islands could survive in a desert state.

The amount of rainfall received yearly distinguishes Banswara from the rest of the state. In comparison to Jaisalmer, which gets an average of 146.88 mm of rain per year, Banswara gets 900mm. As a result, while the rest of Rajasthan suffers from drought, Banswara remains lush green and filled with water. Banswara has gained the moniker “Cherrapunji of Rajasthan” due to receiving the most rain in Rajasthan and being the greenest city in the state. However, the term that stuck out the most to me was the ‘City of Hundred Islands,’ owing to the region’s hundred little islands on the Mahi River. Let’s take a virtual tour of this hidden gem of Rajasthan. 

The Road Trip from Udaipur to Banswara

The Banswara district is located about 165 kilometers from Udaipur. It would have been a crime to embark on a road trip and not stop for kadak Dhaba tea and boiling hot kachori. The distinctive tea prepared from locally cultivated herbs, primarily lemongrass, has garnered appeal among locals. 


Chacha Kota:

There is a lovely natural area in the Mahi Dam backwaters. Chacha Kota is 14 kilometers from Banswara. The lush hills, the sea beach-like landscape with “water water everywhere” for as far as the eye can see. The surrounding hills, the lush passage along the approach road, the serpentine zigzag road, and the waterfalls all contribute to the most admirable view.

The Secret City In Rajsthan - Banswara, Which No One Knows About

Mahi Dam:

The Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam is the lifeline of the Banswara district, and it has proven to be a significant source of agricultural and economic growth in the region. With 16 gates, it is Rajasthan’s second-biggest dam. It is located 18 kilometers from the town of Banswara. Several hills remain partially submerged in the Mahi Dam Backwater, providing a fantastic view of the Small Islands, so the area is also known as the “City of Hundred Islands.” When the main Dam gates are opened to discharge surplus water during the rainy season, it offers a beautiful sight for tourists. The Mahi Dam is a well-known tourist destination.

The Secret City In Rajsthan - Banswara, Which No One Knows About

Tripura Sundari Mandir:

Tripura Sundari Mandir is located 19 kilometers from the Banswara district headquarters. Tripura Sundari Devi, also known as Mother Tirtia, is honored in this temple. Tripura Sundari’s beautiful idol has eighteen arms with various weaponry riding a lion. Around the main idol are tiny idols of 52 Bhairwas and 64 Yoginis. The government has invested much in the repair and beauty of this neighborhood. Tripura Sundari is the most prominent pilgrimage site in the wagad area, and people come from far and wide to pay their respects.

Tripura Sundari Mandir:

Kagdi Pickup:

Banswara Kagdi Pick-up, located on the city’s eastern outskirts, is a popular tourist destination. The Kagdi lake and the side garden are well worth visiting. Several migratory birds have made the lake their home, especially during the wet season. It is a popular destination for bird watchers, especially around sunrise and sunset.

The Secret City In Rajsthan - Banswara, Which No One Knows About

Beneshwar Dham:

Beneshwar Dham is recognized as the Wagad region’s Prayag. The confluence of three rivers, the Mahi, Jhakham, and Som, occurs here. It is an important religious, cultural, and social center.

Every year during Magh Poornima in February, Rajasthan’s largest tribal fair is held here. This seven-day fair is co-organized by the district administrations of Dungarpur and Banswara.

Beneshwar Dham

Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed Memorial (Galiyakot City):

Galiyakot is a town in the Rajasthan district of Dungarpur, 80 kilometers from Banswara. It is a popular pilgrimage place for the Dawoodi Bohra Community, and the town is famed for the tomb of Babjee Moula Syedi Fakhruddin, who resided there in the 10th century. Every year, many Dawoodi Bohra Muslims pay their respects to the grave. Mazare-e-Fakhri has mosques, gardens, and world-class accommodations for visitors from all over the world.

How To Get To This City Of Hundred Islands:

Udaipur is well-connected by train and air to nearly all of the country’s main cities.

(1) Ananya Express – Departs from Kolkata station every Thursday at 1.10 pm and arrives in Udaipur City at 3:15 pm on the third day. (2) Shalimar-Udaipur City Express – Departs Shalimar at 8.20 pm every Sunday and arrives in Udaipur City at 7.55 am on the third day.

Banswara is 132 kilometers from Udaipur Airport. And it’s 158 kilometers by bus or automobile from Udaipur to Banswara.

Final Thought:

Banswara is one of India’s most beautiful places. This beautiful tiny village is perhaps Rajasthan’s greenest patch and one of the most peaceful locations I’ve ever seen. All you can see are varied shades of green as far as your eyes can see. The only sounds that can reach your ears are the rustling of the foliage and the swooshing of the Mahi dam. These are the small things that provide enjoyment in Rajasthan. Enjoy the little pleasures in life while waiting for the big ones, not only in this place. So, when are you going to visit Banswara and have the time of your life?

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