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Nightlife Glamour and Glitz of Japan

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan cityscape at Metropolitan Government Building.

No trip to Japan is complete without sampling the country’s legendary nightlife. From banging casual dining bar, Izakaya to fine dining restaurant, Japan’s major cities have more than enough to keep you entertained until dawn.  Whether you enjoy going out to a bar for a drink, taking your partner to a movie, or just hanging out with your friends, Japan has a variety of different activities and places for you to sample.

Tokyo can seem electrifying enough during the day, with its constant controlled chaos and endless entertainment. But at night, Japan’s capital takes it to another level. It becomes a neon jungle where light and colour seem to fill every available space. You can begin your evening either at a Techinomi stand bar or with drink and dine at a cozy Izakaya, followed by seasonal cocktails at an only-in-Tokyo mixology counter or dance until morning to the beats of DJs from around the world.

Ginza is an upscale business district and high-fashion shopping destination and is considered to be one of the most elegant places with concentration of well known luxury brands in the world by the day. As night falls, it transforms into one of Tokyo’s premium entertainment districts, with scores of decadent fine-dining restaurants (including many of Tokyo’s best sushi restaurant), and chic bars.

Shimokitazawa is an entertainment and fashion district in Setagaya, Tokyo suburb known for its colorful youth subculture scene. It’s well connected with many parts of Tokyo via train and subway routes. A unique experience to stroll around small and independent shop units of Second hand (used)clothing stores, Vintage clothing stores, Record shops, Antique shops, Book Store Bar, Handmade crafts, Cafes, Music venues along with small theatres and night market. Predominantly filled with teenagers, university students for affordable shopping and entertainment. A holy land for fashionmongers, music and drama artist, etc. Book Store bar is a unique concept of Bar and Book Store in one and same place where one can enjoy his favorite drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) while reading book. The book collection at these stores is large. It might be a different experience to walk around looking at books with a draft beer in your hand. Here, most of the shops starts to operate around noon and will stay open until late at night.

Sapporo’s nightlife largely revolves around good food, beer, and sake. Known for its long history of beer brewing, it makes sense that a lot of nighttime activities here involve the city’s home-brewed beer. Food-wise, Japan has some of the best cuisine in the world! The best and most affordable foods can be found at street food markets, especially at night, when the street food scene is in full swing all across Sapporo.“Shiroi Koibito Park” is one of the regular sightseeing

spots in Sapporo, named after the popular sweets “Shiroi Koibito”. There are many photogenic spots in the park, which attracts so many visitors. The buildings there look like ones from fairy tales. It has a stylish atmosphere especially during winters when the beautiful illuminations add to the nightlife charm.

A popular tourist destination in the Kansai region, Osaka is known for its architecture, quality cuisines, and amazing nightlife. Dotonbori is the main area for nightlife, shopping, and entertainment in Osaka. It typically refers to the canal as well as Dotonbori Street, and it’s one of the most iconic areas in all of Japan, famous all over the world. The area is known for its neon signboards and big advertising boards, including the Glico Sign which is a symbol for Osaka. It’s a busy area that offers a lot of fun for all ages and interests. Osaka is known as the funniest city in Japan. It has a long history of strong comedy culture, and in fact, a large number of greatest Japanese comedians are from Osaka. Its home to stand-up comedy club where award-winning comedians performs in English. Osaka is arguably the most popular travel destination among foodies. Including the significant local dishes such as Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Kushikatsu, etc, there are huge options for dining out in the city. Besides local food, Osaka is also home to numbers of high-end Indian restaurants.

Okinawa may well be a paradise of endless summer renowned for its daytime sunshine, but it also has unique charms after the sun sets. If you’re an outdoors kind of person, try a night dive in the waters of the Kerama Islands or set out on a jungle expedition. Chatan Town’s night market and American Village is a must visit If you’re spending time in Naha, you can take your pick from a night of immersion in Okinawan culture with live island songs and Okinawan cuisine

Other late-night activity wherein sports entertainment centers also stay open late and, in some cases, 24 hours a day. These venues have a wide range of activities on offer, including bowling, table tennis, billiards, darts and arcade games, making them great places to enjoy a varied night out. For the video game fanatics of the world, there is no greater country to visit. Inside every city, there is an Arcade to visit and try your skills against other players. A great way to meet fellow gamers, arcades in Japan offer you a chance to play all the newest games or just hang out with your friends.

About Japan National Tourism Organization: 

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) was founded in 1964 with the mission of enticing foreign travelers to Japan. Affiliated with the Japan Tourism Agency of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, JNTO has effectively functioned as the Japanese government bureau of tourism. It has a total of 24 tourism-promotion-oriented offices across the world, and a large network of suppliers for tourism and event services in Japan.



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