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Mandrem Beach Resort, A Coastal Haven in Goa-Radisson Individuals retreats

Mandrem Beach Resort, A Coastal Haven in Goa-Radisson Individuals retreats

What is it that defines excellent experience from an ordinary one?

Well for us it is:

Slow and relaxing

Unconventional luxury which is presonalised and not like a typical hotel.

The best luxury suite, laid back, quiet,  curated meals made when you order , beach walks right out of your window, fresh cup of cappuccino, private swimming pool, shop till you drop just at a walking distance, river view on the other side, no noise or ho-lala, turtles to watch, bar under the starts at your service. What more could one ask for?? That us enjoyable luxury for us where we do not live by the time table, rather we become one with the vibe of the place.

 Set in the calm atmosphere of Mandrem Beach in North Goa, Mandrem Beach Resort is all about luxury and peace at its best. As someone who goes there a lot, we have grown to love the still feel and real wonder of Mandrem Beach. It’s not like other places. Mandrem is a quiet spot, giving you a true beach feel. Mandrem has soft, fine sands and blue seas, making it perfect for a restful time away. The way to the beach—maybe a chill walk or a river ride—makes it even more fun.

In this beach heaven, Mandrem Beach Resort is a mark of class, with fine rooms, great help, and things to do that fit right in with the natural look. Every trip there shows why Mandrem Beach resort is special—a place giving you times you’ll never forget.

Mandrem Beach appeared peaceful to us when we first stepped on the fine white sands and the light blue waters. It was known to be an attractive point of natural beauty and restfulness away from the fast-paced life. What makes Mandrem so special is its clean beauty which provides a place to unwind with nature and its inner self.

Location and Accessibility

Ideally located about 28 kilometers from Manohar International Airport and Thivim Railway Station, the property promises a hassle-free, easy trip for tired tourists looking for some relaxing beach time. We were able to start our revitalizing adventure without any problems because there were cabs, rental cars, and buses all within a kilometer of this lovely beach.

Accommodation and Facilities

When we visited Mandrem Beach Resort, we were thrilled to find a luxurious haven hidden amidst the calm beauty of Goa’s coastline. Every area, from the roomy luxury suites with their plunge pools overlooking the stunning coastline to the tastefully furnished rooms, emanated a feeling of grandeur and serenity that charmed me right away.

Our Luxury suite which was the best one in the property had white soft curtains and pure lenin cloth over the bed, which made it so romantic, sea green wall to give you a calm feel, larger than one room was the bathroom, and exquisite coffee machine which we usually do not find even in good hotels besides other amenities. It was more like a comfortable villa.

We found myself taking advantage of the resort’s amenities during my visit. There was never a dull moment, whether enjoying the gorgeous pool, playing friendly activities at the indoor games arena, or going on outside sports activities like cricket and beach volleyball. The yoga sessions on the beach served as an oasis of relaxation where we could rest and recover while listening to the soothing sound of the waves. All in all, we had an amazing week at Mandrem Beach Resort, with plenty of luxurious, restful moments and unmatched generosity that will never be forgotten.


Visiting Mandrem Beach Resort was such a great experience when it came to food. We found Sunset Cove, a poolside restaurant within this facility serving Goanese, Asian as well as Continental foodstuffs. The first thing that struck me when we entered this place was the calm environment; combined with an extensive view of the Arabian Ocean creating an unforgettable dinner experience.

Sunset Cove had a wide selection of food and drinks, ranging from delicious breakfasts to exquisite dishes of various types. The flavors on each plate were well-matched.

Event Spaces and Banquet Facilities

Mandrem Beach Resort’s breathtaking views and versatility amazed us with its event spaces and banquet facilities. A spacious banquet hall that spanned more than 1800 square feet served as a backdrop for the river and beach landscapes that made it perfect for many types of functions. When it came to seating arrangements in this hall, to which 120 people could easily fit at once: there were different options such as theater-style seating with chairs all facing one direction or U-shaped seating disposition while other tables had been arranged close together forming what we call clustered seating for group discussion purposes. In this banquet hall, there were alternative arrangements for 120 people.

Also, the large beach lawns created an amazing environment for open-air activities that provided a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea. It spanned a large area, with a capacity of around 200 people, and was very suitable for hosting evening events such as sundowners.

The resort is committed to providing excellent venue facilities and did its best to make sure that everything was perfect for our hosts at their special moments.

Nearby Attractions and Activities

We had a pleasant stay at Mandrem Beach Resort and found numerous interesting places and things to see nearby. During our stay at Mandrem Beach Resort, we were delighted to discover a myriad of local sights and things to do only a short distance. Arambol Beach and Ashwem Beach were near our accommodation, fascinating us with their clean shorelines and peaceful atmosphere. We had an opportunity to see turtles laying eggs on the shorelines of some beaches close by including Morjim, Galgibag, and Agonda beaches. And this was one of those rare things that happen just once in a lifetime and would always be cherished.

Commitment to the Society

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is taken very seriously at Mandrem Beach Resort with sustainable practices being closely woven into its operations to have a positive impact on the environment and community around it. The resort is involved in several programs and projects that are all aimed at reducing the amounts of CO2 it releases to the atmosphere as well as discouraging the use of environmentally unfriendly items while simultaneously providing financial support for people living within its vicinity off employment generated by environment-friendly procedures so reducing the levels of poverty within such regions. This ranges from cutting down on power usage through various ways that save electricity consumption and revising waste disposal options.

They also support local craftsmen and regional talent to preserve and present the authentic culture and practices of Goa.


To sum up, our experience at Mandrem Beach Resort was a testament to both the Radisson Hotel Group’s dedication to quality and the timeless appeal of Goa’s breathtaking coastline. As we think back on our trip, it’s clear that Mandrem Beach Resort is still reshaping the travel and luxury industries, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who has the honour of experiencing its unmatched hospitality.


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