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Karma Chalets: A Peaceful Escape from Reality

The naturistic getaway boutique hotel, just some miles away from the chaotic mist of Gurgaon, Karma Chalets, is a peaceful escape from reality. A retreat for luxe, filled with a green lush environment, Karma Chalets is one of the most luxurious resorts near Delhi. 

A corroborated boutique hotel is renowned for its sustainable luxury stay, where it follows an eco-friendly sustainable pattern. The idea behind this ultra-luxury resort is to provide getaways with sustainable living, such as a no-plastic policy. 

Apart from that, the renowned cafes, “Under the Neem”, and “Nimoli Spa”, provide unforgettable escape experiences to the guests. Moreover, Karma Chalets welcomes furry friends of all kinds – offering a chance for your pet to have their much-awaited break! You can bring your pawfect companions with you that without any doubt double your fun while you’re there. 

Our Editor, Mrs. Payal Sahni had a perfect chance to visit Karma Chalets. With her experience, let us dive deep into the world of this ultra-luxurious property. 

Studio Magnolia 

Ideal for couples and corporate executives, Studio Magnolia is a standard one-bedroom chalet. With eight different units, this chalet consists of a bedroom and an adjoining living space. 

The aesthetic interiors of the chalets are a treat to the eye of the traveller. You can wake up in the morning and draw open the curtains to view the garden’s diverse assemblage of flowers, creepers and bamboo projections. 

Rabbits Burrow 

Rabbits Burrow is a quiet and peaceful retreat for two individuals. The theme of this chalet is laid down with  Cowl with Athangudi, that creates an essence of mist and belongingness. 

The chalet can be termed as a one of its kind inventory that is renowned for its spaciousness, private verandah and greenery surrounding at 360 degrees. 

Sparrow’s Nest 

As the name ‘Sparrow’s Nest’ indicates, this one-of-a-kind duplex lodging is a ‘nest’ on the first floor. Consisting of 2 bedrooms, this calm chalet has an auxiliary space which looks out onto an aged mulberry tree and can be doubled up as a sitting area or a small bedroom for one person. 

You can also step out onto the balcony to breathe fresh air and listen to nature’s songs while enjoying the scenery.

Eagles Perch 

The Eagle’s Perch is a top-of-the-line accommodation at Karma Chalets. In this getaway retreat, there are two separate rooms on the first floor and a spacious shared living room on the ground floor – complete with a sofa, tabletop and bar stools. 

This chalet is ideal for families, friends or corporate executives. The space also consists of a manicured backyard awaiting your presence for that morning warmth seeps in to complete the relaxation. 

Lion’s Den at Karma Chalets 

Lion’s Den is a duplex, truly majestic and worthy of its name luxurious chalet. This retreat consists of three rooms – two separate rooms on the first floor and one bedroom on the ground floor. 

The retreat also consists of a shared, spacious common living space with a sofa, dining table, tabletop and bar stools. Moreover, one can step onto the balcony or into green panoramas in the chalet’s front or backyard. This retreat is also ideal for prominent families or groups of friends expecting to spend quality time together. 

Luxurious Activities at Karma Chalets 

It is evident that a heaven-like getaway location like ” Karma Chalets” would consist of various leisure-filled activities to make its guest’s stay memorable at all costs. 

Let’s look at some of its activities which would make your holiday more special: 

  • Nimoli Wellness Spa: ‘Nimoli’ means the fruit from Neem- the inspiration for this wellness spa. Relaxing at the spa would be a perfect remedy for relieving your tense muscles and stress in today’s fast-paced world! All you have to do is just relax and take a deep breath. 
  • Nursery and Vegetation Garden: The hotel has set up a vegetable garden and a mini dairy farmstead to encourage organic living. Scour the organic gardens where they provide you with the freshest vegetables possible.
  • Cycling: Get on the bicycle and explore fields, yards and green terrains around the 4.5-kilometre cycling trail that takes you around Karma Lakelands. The travellers can also hire bikes to roam around the premises in an eco-friendly manner. Bikes can be hired on a chargeable basis.
  • Bird-Watching: The resort is a bird observer’s utopia. With several small lakes sprinkling the golf course, migratory and water-borne birds have made these 300 acres their dwelling. A keen bird observer from the UK identified about 70 species at Karma Chalets.
  • Kid’s Playground: A separate area has been assigned for children to play in. The hotel has set up trampolines and swings for good physical and adventurous activity.

Wrapping up the trip to Karma Chalets 

Karma Chalets is a literal meaning of heaven when it comes to a peaceful getaway. The boutique hotel at Karma Lakelands is intricately designed to cater to a traveller’s luxurious yet relaxing needs. This is a must-stay option for desperate individuals seeking a getaway near the mainland. 


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