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Golfing in Thailand Survey 2021: Continues to be a favourite Golf Destination for Indian Golfers. 

Amazing Thailand is a dream destination for golfers from all around the world.  Its 250 top quality golf courses ideally located throughout the country, having  world class Golfing facilities, reasonable green fees, friendly caddies and many  other attractions continue to attract golfers to visit this country.

In its continuous endeavor to keep track of latest trends and mind set of the  golfers, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) & Sports & Leisure Worldwide  (SLW) conducted its second survey on ‘Golfing in Thailand’ with Golfers in  India during 21st June – 5th July 2021. The surveyed sample group was made up  of Golfers from all over India and consisted of: 

Responses: 1001 (From all over India) 

Age-group: Below 35- 4.49% Ages 35-44 -10.45% Ages 45-54 -26.23% Ages  55- 65 – 35.11% above 65- 23.72% 

The survey resulted in some important facts coming to the fore. Most Golfers a  whopping 97% of those surveyed rated Thailand as one of the best golfing  destinations. Thai Hospitality followed by Value for money and affordable  luxury, were the top three key factors similar to previous survey last year which  prompts these golfers to travel to Thailand to play golf. Thailand’s close  proximity to India was another key factor in influencing the Indian golfers mind  in deciding Thailand as the premier destination for Golf holidays.  

A majority of golfers, almost 68% are vaccinated and 26% have taken their first  dose for Covid vaccination and are willing to travel to Thailand. Most of the  golfers are waiting for reopening of all services and tourist attractions in  Thailand. 

Mr. Vachirachai Sirisumpan, Director TAT, New Delhi said “Thailand wins  hands down when it comes to catering to the demanding Golfers who are  spoiled for choice when it comes to golfing destinations. Keeping in mind the  quality of the Golf product and hospitality on offer in Thailand it is expected  that Thailand would be the first destination where the majority of the golfers  would travel for their first golf holiday post two years of Covid19 especially as 

all courses have not only been working on health and safety, but also at the  same time ensuring a memorable experience for the golfer of playing golf in  Thailand”. 

“We conducted the 2nd Thai Golf Pass Survey to gauge the mood of the Indian  Golfing Community as we come out of the 2nd wave of the Covid19 Pandemic.  We are not surprised that Thailand stands out as the destination of choice once  the travel restrictions are lifted said Mr. Anil Dev, MD SLW Group, the  promoters of Thai Golf Pass, the only sovereign golf travel loyalty program in  the world. 

To bring value to this offering, SLW- the leading Golf Management company in  partnership with Tourism Authority of Thailand, New Delhi launched the first  ever loyalty program for a country. The Thai Golf Passport has been launched  in India to offer Indian golfers a seamless golf experience in Thailand. Indian  golfers can now be a part of this rewarding loyalty program whenever they tee  off in Amazing Thailand and redeem their points for products from more than  two hundred leading brands.

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