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Changing Face of the Hospitality Industry Post Pandemic

Covid-19 has had a huge impact across the globe and the world economy is collapsing nearly hitting every industry. Aviation, hospitality, and tourism are the three sectors that have been majorly impacted. Hospitality- the industry that runs all year round is not likely to stay the same post-pandemic. Now that the lockdown is slowly coming to an end and with the reopening of the malls, religious places, markets, monuments the situation will not go back to normal for the tourism sector. The hotels will open in accordance with the guidelines put forth by WHO, people will now have a hitch in them before travel internationally or for that matter of fact domestically as well. 


But as it is said the world does not stop, within a few months people will travel for pleasure or for work purposes. All they need to do is make a few protocols on hygiene to ensure a safe and pleasurable tour. The hotel industry will have to take a few steps to make sure that they are completely safe and secure for tourists to travel which includes sanitization and complete hygiene. The staff needs to be experienced to manage the situations at hand. This ensures the safety of their guests along with a great stay experience. Some of the hotels from the IHCL group, The Taj, Vivanta, and Ginger have announced that they will be heading forward with online check-ins to avoid any kind of physical contact. 


The process of choosing hotels and flights will now be different than before. People will prefer staying at a place they find hygienic and the websites of these hotels will now have to put up how they are maintaining the cleanliness of their hotels. A regular sanitization drive will be mandatory for them in order to ensure complete hygiene and their main focus has to be the safety of their guests The Location of the hotel which was earlier considered a major factor might not be of great importance now. The aviation sector has already started taking their measures by providing face shields, social distancing, and sanitizing regularly for safe travel of their passengers.

Digital payments are definitely a boon in times of difficulty. Cashless payments make it easier for you to pay and now it’s a safer way for payment as you do not directly come in contact with anybody. Puneet Chatwal, MD, and CEO, Indian Hotels Company (IHCL) gave a statement saying e-menus or single-use menus are a great idea to avoid disinfectants”. With more upcoming ideas and solutions to minimize physical contact, one can travel with complete safety but will always have to remember that your safety is always in your own hands. Everything from menus to check-ins will be made as contact-less as possible in order to follow the social distancing norms. Before the situation is completely normalized around the globe the hospitality, aviation, and tourism sector will take some time to revive completely.

Thus, we need to understand the changing face of the hospitality industry post-pandemic to make the most of it. Read the other blog by Travel Links Magazine to read expert opinions on the future of the Hospitality industry. 

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