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10 Incredible River Cruises In India You Shouldn’t Miss

10 Incredible River Cruises In India You Shouldn't Miss

River cruises in India are increasing with the growth of tourism in the country. The ocean is a huge expanse, a world unto itself. There are various secrets concealed deep inside its vastness that await your exploration. If, on the other hand, you enjoy watching the waves smash against the cliffs while standing on a deck with a glass of wine in your hand, it is time to head to the port! There are various cruises in India that you may take with your family, friends, or partner for a luxurious experience!

The luxury cruise packages from India are only available for those who do not want to limit their excursions to the shoreline lands! Spend a week relaxing in the ship’s luxury bars and restaurants and feeling like the ‘lord of the universe!’ Here are the top ten river cruises from India that you must experience!


Kerala Backwater River Cruise

It comes without surprise that Kerala is one of the top choices for those looking for peace and quiet amid the backwaters of this calm tourist destination. Luxury houseboat tours in Kerala provide a breathtaking view of the backwaters, old churches, and lush flora.

10 Incredible River Cruises In India You Shouldn't Miss

Sunderbans River Cruise

One of the world’s greatest reservoirs of mangrove forests, The Suburbans, is also one of the most beautiful locations on Earth. Cruising by boat through this magnificent and beautiful canal is one of life’s most unforgettable experiences. The Suburbans Cruise, a model of incredible luxury and comfort, is a delightful journey filled with the most unique and exquisite facilities. The voyage follows the Malta River through the world’s most extensive mangrove forests, passing past small waterways and the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve.

Guests see magnificent sceneries along the way. Diverse bird species such as herons, kingfishers, Salik birds, white-necked kites, bee-eaters, and others can be observed, as well as creatures such as sweet water crocodiles, snakes, deer, monkeys, wild pigs, and otters. Beginning at Godkhali, the trip is known for its exceptional onboard hospitality, including amenities like a gym, Ayurvedic treatment, and a massage parlor.

10 Incredible River Cruises In India You Shouldn't Miss

Chilika River Cruise:

If you enjoy seeing fairy tale animals from the comfort of a luxury cruise, then Join this luxurious river boat ride to see a wide range of birds and dolphins as they dance around the water’s ripples to delight you! If you stop at Rajahamsa beach, you may see rare species of dolphins frolicking in the ocean!

10 Incredible River Cruises In India You Shouldn't Miss

The Andaman Island River Cruise

If Greece were a place in India, it would be the stunning Andaman Islands. This trip from India is considered one of the most incredible luxury cruises in India since it is a refuge for beach lovers and divers. To top it all off, the luxury boat lets you view the magnificent ocean life unfold directly under your boat’s glass floor.

10 Incredible River Cruises In India You Shouldn't Miss

Dibru – Saikhowa River Cruise

Have you ever wondered how many distinct kinds of flora and fauna there are? This breathtaking Assam river tour will leave you breathless and in awe of the scenery as you witness unique and unusual types of animals and birds all around you. There are various things to appreciate when traveling in this gorgeous spot, including the magnificent green hills and the azure clouds.

10 Incredible River Cruises In India You Shouldn't Miss

Mandovi River Cruise

Those who want to appreciate the tranquility of the waters after sunbathing on the beaches of Goa should take a sunset river cruise on the Mandovi River. The Zuari bay, on the way to Mandovi, is the ideal setting for a carnival, beer, and a mouth-watering buffet.

Ganges Heritage River Cruise

The 6-day cruise package allows you to delve deep into the beauty and rich history of the Ganges! There are forts like the Munger Fort and the old town of Bhagalpur, noted for its beautiful silk, that you may visit with your family and friends while relaxing in luxury on the holy river!

Brahmaputra River Cruise

When in India, you should visit areas that India is pleased to put on the map! The luxurious trip down the beautiful, sacred, and ancient Brahmaputra River allows you to experience the lovely scenery, communities, unusual animals, and the famed Ganges Indian Dolphins. The fascinating river life on the Brahmaputra’s banks will take your breath away.

Mangalore River Cruise

Mangalore, Kerala’s lesser-known but equally gorgeous counterpart, offers luxury cruises that will take your breath away! The area is a cruise lover’s all-time favorite since it is a tremendous and unusual blend of Sea Rivers and jungle cruises, which you don’t see every day! The lengthy trip is ideal for a brief escape and the opportunity to discover the mystical beauty and charm of the waters beyond!

Goa River Cruise

Who doesn’t like a trip to Goa? The prominent tourist site is also widely recognized for the many cruises that it offers, alternatively known as the Cunard Line and Princess Cruises. So far, few have experienced the voyage, and many more have yet to start on a delightful excursion through the rivers of this great beach site! You may also enjoy Goa’s different festivities with your family and friends.

Final Thought:

These are the ten best river cruises in India that you should not miss if you are a travel enthusiast. These are not hurried outings; you are surrounded by nature and see some of the most stunning sunrises and sunsets. These river trips in India are unquestionably worthwhile.

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