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Women’s Day special series by Travel Links- Ms Ranjita Shaw

Ranjita Shaw

Ranjita Shaw

Director of Public Relations & Communications

Roseate Hotels and Resorts

  1. Please let us know about your initial years in the Travel Industry.

I started my journey in hospitality with Hyatt Regency Johannesburg, South Africa and there has been no looking back since then. I later moved to Hyatt Regency Delhi when I moved back to India, followed by Taj Group of Hotels and finally Roseate Hotels & Resorts. Rules in hospitality have been the same throughout whether India or outside – guest service excellence and discipline in one’s area of work.

  1. What are the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

Different management working styles in various organizations, especially geographically need you to adjust. However, with experience one is able to overcome this limitation. A good hotelier also needs to be wary of cultural differences and be able to adapt.

  1. Please let us know a bit about your strengths.

The fact that I have been raised around the world has been a crucial factor in building and shaping my personality. I am pragmatic and work on a balanced approach. I am wary of the environment I operate in, which gives me room and acceptance to change and also the strength to withstand adversities. I am also multilinguistic and stay as close to nature as possible.

  1. May we know more about your current initiatives?

Individually, my current focus is on sustainability – reducing waste and recycling as much as possible. I am an Executive Member, India Steering Committee of football For Peace- a Global Charity organization that harnesses the unifying power of football to raise awareness about global pressing issues and promote peace. I have also started a plant project called – My Green Barn that focuses on home and living – ideas to a simple chic living and adding a dash of green to one’s home.

On the professional front, at Roseate Hotels & Resorts we have recently unveiled our new café Roasted by Roseate, and luxury co-working space Upstage Club – an extension of our brand. I am also doing multiple campaigns that focus on unique guest experiences and avant-garde food menus.

  1. How was 2020 for you and what would you like to do in 2021?

2020 was a great learning and detoxifying experience. I continued to work, kept myself connected, and took part in multiple virtual activities. It also gave me room to further develop myself spiritually.

In 2021, professionally I want to continue my focus on innovation and create unique campaigns for Roseate Hotels & Resorts, and also build on the sustainable vision that we have envisaged. Personally, I will continue my work for global peace and urgent social-environmental issues through Football for Peace, add more elements to my green project – My Green Barn and carry on developing engaging content around chic lifestyle.

  1. How do you plan to achieve your goals in 2021?

Innovation and creativity! The ability to stand out and design breakthrough campaigns and good content is the key – at work or in personal life. Also, the solution to achieving any goal is to stay focused on your objective and be disciplined.

 7.Last but not least; please let us know the initiatives you are working on towards the social causes/ women empowerment.

As part of Football for Peace, the global charity organization based out of the UK, we are fighting for causes such as gender equality, women empowerment, and children’s education, and pressing issues like climate change, environmental sustainability, and poverty.

By combining community-based activity with diplomatic impact, we are able to unlock and raise awareness of these rising concerns through various programs and global activities.

  1. Anything you would like to say on this special day.

Women are strong majestic creatures and have the ability to overcome any hardship. But like it’s said – with great powers come great responsibility, I would like to say – Be the change you want to see.

I also want to thank all the wonderful men who support women in all their endeavors and act as pillars of strength in our lives whether at work or in personal life to fill in when we need them.


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