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Sakura, a sleek and stylish, award-winning restaurant is the pioneer in bringing authentic Japanese cuisine to India and has always been known for its exclusivity, innovation and sensuous dining experience. Along with Japanese cuisine, diners can also explore exotic Asian cuisine and unravel the remarkable flavours from around the world.

To provide guests with unusual food experiences, Sakura keeps creating unique food festivals.  Our cosmopolitan guests who are well travelled or are culinary enthusiasts already like Sushi, and now there is something unique that’s a complete palate pleaser to them.

Today, Sushi has moved up on the evolutionary ladder and is considered lighter & healthier fast food. This nutritious finger food is available and consumed in most parts of India. Thus, we at Sakura have come up with an array of Sushi that is tweaked with Indian flavours. Tandoori flavour is hot favorite! An amalgamation of Indo-Japanese cuisine, an absolute delight for Sushi lovers!

Crafting Sushi is artistry – making it eye-pleasing working with flavours of the basic ingredients to shine through without too much seasoning, the type of knife used to create the dish, cutting techniques and much more. Thus, such infused flavored Sushi menu was carefully prepared to keep in mind things like appropriate use of spices, flavoring them with vinaigrette rice, tandoori only tastes good when served hot, etc

Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori Prawns, Tandoori Paneer have always ruled and are hot-selling appetizers in the North. Keeping these flavours in mind, we have chosen the best and most popular snacks from the Indian menu and combined them with Japanese SuSushi-like tandoori Chicken Sushi, Tandoori Prawn Nigri Sushi, Tandoori Paneer Sushi, Chicken or Fish Tikka Sushi, Tofu Tikka Sushi, Chatpati Chaat Roll, Chennai or Kolkatta Special Uramaki Sushi and much more. When these Indian ingredients comes in the form of sushi it enhances the flavor of sushi along with the sauces like mint, mayo, etc Sauces also play an important role in enhancing the taste of these bite-sized finger food. We have used both Indian and Japanese sauces and worked with flavors of the basic ingredients to shine through without too much seasoning.  As taste is one of the major considerations for the promotion, it was well-matched, tasted and presented for our guests.

So head to Sakura and indulge in this fashionable bite-sized finger food that is meticulously prepared, presented, and carefully arranged with an emphasis on visual appeal – the interplay of colours, texture, shapes and overall flavor.

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 DATE: 10th April – 15th May, 2023 VENUE: Sakura, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, Bangla Sahib Road, New Delhi – 110001 TIME: 1200 – 1500 hrs (lunch) and 1800 – 2300 hrs (dinner)

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