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Silent Zone Necessary During Exams?

Out of 1000 respondents, 75% of parents feel creating a silent zone is a must during exams – Study

  • Also, 83% of parents out of 1000 respondents believe electrical appliances cause maximum noise in the home
  • From among the 1000 respondents, 69% of parents think noise-free appliances are a key factor to achieve a silent stress-free living environment

June 22, 2020, Mumbai: In light of this unprecedented time, study preparations can be hard to fully focus on. Working towards the exams can bring in a lot of stress and worrying especially when the atmosphere is filled with uncertainty. Moreover, with everyone being homebound/at home, exposure to distractions become even higher – from technology to even the slightest noise made from household/electrical appliances and television sets – they all become key distractions to affecting the child’s focus.

Keeping in mind the background noise distractions and the need to focus in silence, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. has introduced the Silent Pro Enso fans, powered by the ActivBLDC Technology and aerodynamic design that reduces air friction making it 2X times more silent than regular fans. In addition, the company commissioned Nielsen to conduct the study using an online panel with 1000 parents across India to find out the key noise distractions for children.

Studying for exams can be taxing especially during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and this cloud tends to loom over the entire household stressing not only the kids but also the parents. Considering that noise comes from various factors both external and internal – from honking during the day to the simple sound of a ceiling fan in the night, it creates a set of distractions for the kids all through the period. 

Parents will, hence, try to create a peaceful environment for their kids during study time by using various methods/effective ways in order to help and support their kids in avoiding noise that causes those distractions and beating the exam pressure. It is said that when we study in an environment similar to the one where we will do our exams, it can help us when trying to remember information. Also, with social distancing now taking precedence, we are spending a lot more time, possibly in limited space, with family – hence one needs a quiet place to study with no distractions.


Nielsen conducted a survey in which 1000 parents from the cities of Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Chennai were covered. Below are the key highlights of the survey:

  • There is a need to manage and create fewer distractions for kids, hence 75% of parents believe setting up a silent zone at home is key.
  • 76% are certain that addressing the unspoken noise of appliances and managing their usage adequately would set up a noise-free environment at home. 
  • According to 83% parents, noise from electrical appliances at home like Fans, TV, Music Systems and Kitchen Appliances were considered as a major factor of disturbance leading to distractions among kids especially during the exam season
  • Considering that maximum study time and concentration takes place late night/early morning, 47% of parents believe that distraction/noise is caused due to a ceiling fan during the odd hours – highest among all appliances
  • Noting that electrical appliances play a huge role in distracting kids; 51% of parents believe that electric fans contribute significantly to the overall noise level and affect concentration.
  • Therefore, 69% of parents agree that having noise-free appliances like electric fans would help in creating a positive impact especially during the exam season


Contributing to the above data, a spokesperson from AC Nielsen added, “The above study was carried using an online panel methodology which spanned across the markets of Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Chennai with a total sample size of 1000 while at a city level, the sample was 200. Our aim was to understand the causes of distractions at home during exam season and of course, the views of the parents on how having lesser noise at home affects the exam performance of their kids.”


Achieving a clear focus especially in the new normal can be managed when a child is in a silent environment. Trying to study in a place with little noise or distractions and away from where one would normally relax is essential. While the loud noises of appliances do play a role in creating distractions, it is also the unspoken ambient background noises like a ceiling fan that arise during particular quiet moments that are needed in order to focus thereby making them unknowingly loud and distracting when completing a task. 


Speaking on the survey, Mr. Rangarajan Sriram, Vice President, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. said, “The findings of this survey helped us establish the unspoken need of silence in electrical appliances and how it is such a crucial factor especially in this contemporary time where mental wellbeing is an important part of our life. Given the current situation where children who are appearing for their exams face a lot of stress, anxiety, and pressure; noise (especially from appliances) tends to add to this and creates a big distraction. We are happy to have brought light to an existing problem and provide a solution to it. “


He further added, “One of the many highlights of our solutions is a unique product called Silent Pro Enso that is designed to address the problem of the ambient background noise of a fan that we may not knowingly be aware of its impact but it is a fitting solution. It creates a silent environment not only for the kids but also for parents who work from home and are in need of a little silence. We hope to continue introducing solutions for people especially parents to ensure their kids receive the best possible care when it comes to exam preparations. “


Crompton has introduced a new design of fans called the Silent Pro Enso powered by the ActivBLDC Technology. With its aerodynamic design, it, therefore, reduces air friction thereby providing superior air delivery and comfort making it 2X times more silent than regular fans. Priced between the range of Rs. 4990 to Rs. 7990, the fan has an anti-dust coating which ensures it is long-lasting and easy to clean. The fan is also available in four contemporary colors – Mist White, Charcoal Grey, Ballerina Pink, and Chestnut Wood.

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