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Let’s Swirl some Wine…

Let’s Swirl some wine and fast forward, from ancient times of wine, closer to our century! Did you know there are over 8,000 wine grape varieties in the world? Wow! Over the years, people have use a method of grafting to produce new hybrids of the grapes. The big Red and Whites grape varietals of the world, that we are familiar or might have heard the name. Let us also, attempt to pronounce the grapes’ name in the correct manner.

The Big REDS

1)Cabernet Sauvignon – CA-burr-nay SO-vin-yawn
Rightly given the title of red wines as the King; makes great red
Bordeaux wines of France, and among the finest reds in California,
Chile and Australia; full-bodied with rich currant flavors.

2)Merlot – Mare-LOW
Similar to Cabernet, but softer and fruitier, with cherry like flavors and
hints of tobacco and mint; very popular with wine consumers, because
it’s easy to drink and pronunciation

3)Pinot Noir – PEE-know Na-WAHR
Makes the great reds of Burgundy in France, and good wines from
California and more delicate than Cabernet or Merlot, with strawberry,
other berries and tea-leaf aromas and flavors.

4)Tempranillo – tem·pruh·ni·low
These wines are ruby red in color, while aromas and flavors can
include berries, plum, tobacco, vanilla, leather and herb

5)Syrah – Sah-RAH
A spicy red that is very popular in France’s Rhone Valley, California and
Australia (where Syrah is known as Shiraz); wild black-fruit aromas and
flavors, with hints of black pepper spice


Now that we are familiar with the most popular red and white grapes, let us try some of these wines while you are out or in your home. Give it a try to smell, and taste the characteristics while enjoying the afternoon or evening. In our next, segment, we will discuss the types of food each of these wines go best with, and why are certain types of foods, meant with the correct pairing of the wines. For now, let’s Swirl some Wine… and enjoy!




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