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Celebrating 50 Years in the Liquor Trade & Showcasing its Premium Charlie Collection

Cheers to Past, Present & Future: Celebrating 50 Years in the Liquor Trade & Showcasing its Premium Charlie Collection

To commemorate this milestone, the company also unveiled its latest blend – the premium Charlie Whiskey, which, after undergoing a rigorous testing phase, will be available to connoisseurs. Meticulously crafted from a blend of top-tier ingredients and presented in high-end packaging, this whiskey promises a superior yet pocket-friendly experience for its valued customers. The unveiling was followed by champagne popping and filling a stunning five-layered champagne tower.

Managed by the third generation, Charlie Spirits, a brand of Highfield Distillery, also showcased its range of fine products, including the Charlie XXX Gold Rum, ranked second in Delhi, and classic and citrus green apple variants of Charlie Vodka. The company’s whiskey, King’s Gold, is the highest-selling brand in Delhi and other states. The company is committed to an environmentally friendly approach, with over 2000 plantations, recycled glass bottles, and zero liquid waste systems.

“In every crafted blend, there’s a story that captivates the soul. ‘Love at first sip’ is not just a phrase; it’s an emotion stirred into every bottle of Charlie. We believe in creating moments that linger, where the first sip is an introduction to a lifelong love affair with our exceptional spirits,” Arjun Singh, COO.

“At Charlie, luxury knows no boundaries. For us, ‘Luxury for ALL’ isn’t just a promise; it’s a commitment to ensuring that every enthusiast, regardless of background or taste preference, can savour the richness of our meticulously crafted spirits. We believe in democratising the true luxury experience for everyone. This is just the beginning of Charlie’s reign in the liquor industry,” said Poonya Singh, Marketing Executive and Brand Ambassador.

The company ventured into the liquor business in 1973. However, in 2015, it established Highfield Distillers in Chandigarh, pursuing the new generation’s vision. Rooted in its philosophy of distilling excellence, Highfield has expanded its horizons under the guidance of its founders, Mr. Bhupinder Singh and Sonia Singh.

The company at present is managed by Arjun Singh and Poonya Singh.


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