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blue echoes
Colours of the sea!

It was the utter captivating Charm of the Vastness, the Thrill of the Unknown… and the vociferous Rush of Adrenaline that reverberated, responded and attracted me, congruently, to the ancient wilderness of the Deep Blue that first led me to the High Seas. Sometimes standing on the external bridge Decks with the Fresh Sea breeze on my face eyes fixated on scanning the deep Dark pitch Black horizon … inner consciousness still wonders at the grand plan and the allure of it all.light house

The Morning after, when the Sun rises… radiating Life energy the mesmerizing Aurum hue of the sky reaffirms the belief that the world has been blessed indeed by the Almighty.

As the day propagates from the morning glow towards noon and the sun climbing to a higher altitude every second the apparent sun’s rays pierces through the surface waters of the world to the Deep that causes absorption of light Spectrum.. by the water except “Blue” and brings upon the rich and strong Blue Hue of the Sea…reminiscing the profound inherent Nature of the sub-aqueous to simply absorb everything and return transcendental Beauty that surrounds the world as is…!!.

Not only does the water posses the potency of granting beauty to the Oceans and to the world but also it preserves the Memory of Era’s that have passed by…!!.

The Motion of the Heavenly bodies causes the Noon, where the Sun Culminates providing the Flora and Fauna of the world and the Living sphere its Life force and generates Vibrancy in every aspect of the Living beings for both Aquatic and Non-Aquatic. Although seemingly simple the potency of this is seen in full manifestation across the world and the living kingdom when we observe and experience continents and cultures. Many years of visiting and experiencing young and old cultures and people have made me come to at least one definite conclusion that we “Humans” are same “in more ways than we know”, this gained knowledge through experience brings a large smile across my face.bridge on sea

The further path traced by the apparent Sun brings about a beautiful change as the altitude of the sun above the horizon starts dipping causing the onset of evening twilight…, the heavenly concoction of the nature that sets in… leaves me light hearted and makes me glad to be able to witness one of the most captivating moments in the world, incomparable to any man made object in any form and incomprehensible and unfelt, if self is not a witness. The Last few moments of the suns descent towards the horizon establishes the expression of Sun’s supremacy over the heaven lies,recognized by the ancient of the ancient civilizations across the World, the utter grandeur of the cessation ceremony of the Mighty King’s journey across the sky provides a feast for mortal eyes… as the Golden gates of heaven opens up, where there were blue Skies and dark husky clouds, now there is presence of glittering yellow Golden hue in multitude variance
…!!. The golden skies provide a distinct orange tinge to the Oceans surface waters which seems similar to a lush field full of daisies seen from above.The Sun’s Chariot makes a glorious exit towards the Western end of the Horizon until the next day.footprints on beach

The 18 minutes of twilight goes by rather fast as I am left mesmerized, eyes fixated on the horizon …sipping on my hot coffee. The end of the evening astronomical twilight leaves the skies with some shiny sparkles of stars which intensifies and increase manifolds in numbers as the pitch dark colour of the sky and the space unknown takes over and paints the Horizons and the Skies canvas Black, the magnitude of the Stars intensities becomes relevant when the eyes of the Navigator searches for different patterns and constellations among them for locating own position. The firm resonance to the subtle but persistent , calm yet powerful music of the Universe manifests itself to the Mariner while he is using the heavens above to determine “his” coordinates.

Midnight brings the Star charts out and the ship’s young-lings(Cadets) practicing the art of identifying the constellations and utilizing the knowledge for application into position determination. A sense of Nostalgia sets in seeing the young blokes in crisp white uniforms taking notes and listening to the supervising officers instructions.

Tradition has it the One who knows very well the orientation of the Stars Up above usually ends up being a good Navigator, of course a lot changed due to the introductions of Latest technology. However, the bond that is experienced by being in connection with the Elements for a good many years gives a hint of contrasting colours to the overall personality and charisma of a sailor, that is undeniably true, Alas… that’s a story to be told some other day..!!

Life at Sea is filled with multiple anecdotes and experiences that brings a real rush of emotions and adrenaline alike. So transcendentally mesmerizing are certain moments that which can only be appreciated if self has experienced it, like the first sighting of an Iceberg at sea, the utter white glow of the horizon is simply blinding and one is gawking at the real pristine beauty that God has blessed to the most remote place on earth. The hypnotic sky colours of Aurora borealis, a shooting star seen falling off the sky on a dark night with an orange burning tail, the silhouettes of the waves and the velvety folds of glistening waters under a Full Moon Night, the bloody redness of the rising moon, The absolutely stunning-enigmatic beauty of the irregularity of the Milk-way.. visible across the sky.. Lit with starry glow.. studded with seraphic Jewels.. awash with cosmic matter, the crashing of the waves on the blunt end of a shore cliff, the white seahorses seen due to the apparent movement of the wind over water, an unexpected volcano on an island spurting red-orange Lava in to the Sea, the contrast coloured waters of the blue oceans of different streams meeting one another stretching miles and miles over the ocean, the rubbing of waters of the oceans during a dark night against the ships side producing bright greenish blue colour caused due to bio-luminescence, The fury of the storm, the Tumultous movements of the High seas, the Tossing of the ships and the True Grit of the Men who sail the seas. All of this brings together an extravaganza that defines not only the SEA but also the history of Man, as there would not be any life without water.

There indeed would not be anything worth appreciating without COLOURS…!!

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