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A Wellness Experience of a Lifetime- Osho Meditation Resort, Pune

An upsurge of energy in my whole body pumped in as I kept swirling, jumping, thumping to the trance like drum beats and mesmerising flute. A part of my mind was still sneaking out to check if someone was looking at me from the throng of mediators in the huge pyramid hall. We were all looking like possessed people shaking ourselves off, releasing the built up stress within our body stored from a long time out of chaotic busy lifestyle. I was experiencing my first enigmatic kundalini meditation program at Osho Meditation Resort, Pune. The gigantic pyramid shaped meditation hall starts with the entrance of a ramp midway on either sides of the water pool. As I step ahead to close to the hallway, I could literally feel a sense of enigmatic zone of wonder and curiosity. The meditation hall is constructed in the shape of a pyramid as it absorbs energy. It supposed to attract divine power. No wonder I did experience new thoughts and change in my perspective about myself, the way I treat my mind body and soul. It indeed made me aware of the divinity within each of us.

Osho Mediation Resort is situated about 120 kms south east of Mumbai, India and set on a beautiful campus of 124 acres in Pune.Its a lush green garden landscape with water fountains, daunting stone carvings of Buddha surrounded with peacock. A serene campus. I and my mother visited this place early monsoon in April where it slightly rains often; the sun would clear through the clouds. Warm and humid. It’s a quite time of the year to visit this resort.

I being a book lover and voracious reader from childhood, as my days were spent all alone with my small family in secluded farm house, the only company I had were books. I did stumble upon the book of Osho titled “Courage – The Joy of Living Life Dangerously”. This instantly caught my eye and till today I have been a great follower of Osho’s teachings which has a blend of practical realities for living with a sense of humour attached to it. This is one of the reasons I was pulled to make this wellness getaway with my mother which seemed unusual to others. His ideas are not influenced by any culture, religion or communities. No wonder this resort is filled with ninety percent foreigners from all over the world residing as guest for months together and ten percent of casual local visitors.

I got to chat with a charming young man in his 30s who had come from US, who introduced himself as a techie in software firm. He did make up his mind to come here to get himself off from the daily demands of work life and madness. By the way cell phones and laptops are restricted in the meditation resort campus unless there is an emergency and can be used in the guesthouse or the room you are residing in. There is no TV or other entertainment in the room as it is supposed to carry the theme of silence, stillness and serenity. Well, I and my mother didn’t know what to expect from this unwind getaway but we were totally filled with curiosity to dive in and experience the bliss it promised us. There are certain hiccups you sense in the beginning while entering this resort but definitely after a day of getting attuned to the campus rules, regulations and programs, I promise you that you would not want to come back to your routine life. I did notice in my mother who was initially cribbing with the few things an then she didn’t have the heart to leave this place after two nights of stay. I must be honest here. Planning a unwind program to this place is luxurious costly affair as it does come with extra cost each and every step you enter the campus. Be prepared to make some good savings before you plan this trip. Be open minded to undergo AIDS medical test examination at the beginning of registration and tedious long hour of induction as soon as you arrive. Be prepared to buy and wear the maroon and white robes uniform inside the campus during the working hours other than in the guesthouse. But you get to choose some sexy robes of various designs in the campus shop with other meditation accessories. Trust me this definitely enhances the mood and decorum in the campus. I also urge you to book a room in the campus guesthouse to stay rather than booking a hotel outside. This will get you involved with the surroundings and experience the resort to the maximum. The meditative spirit you feel is quite different when involved totally day and night in the campus.

The best and happy news for the first timers planning to this resort is that, resides are not forced to attend all the programmes happening on a particular day. One can check the schedule at the hall and choose what suits their time and body clock. This place is definitely a blend of pleasure cum purpose. It is very much in line with philosophy of Osho as he believes underlying spirit of Zorba the Buddha – place for someone whose feet are firmly on the ground and yet whose hands can touch the stars. This place is a wellness experience of a lifetime with addition of spa with pool, Jacuzzi, gym and tennis court and a vibrant nightlife. There is a healthy nutritious spread of food buffet for both vegetarians and eggatarians with 24/7 café house in the campus.

To conclude, I want to write my honest review to the readers based on my personal experience. This is a place to be visited alone! Do not worry as you get to make lot of new friends with the same mind set. This is a place ideal to get reconnected with yourself and just being you without any pretensions. This is a place to set yourself free from the demands of the worlds. it’s about surrendering to the joy of being. I enjoyed most of the meditation techniques as it all starts with freestyle grooving, moving your body to the music before you sit still for breathing exercises. That’s not all. Evenings after prayer you renounce your sanyasan status and get ready to hit the dance floor with wine and smoke. I learnt how to make friends in a strange place as you get to see the cocktail of world culture.

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