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kanha Shanti Vanam initiatives towards sustainabilty

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Blue Kanha initiative, which is a water conservation campaign, complements the Green Kanha initiative where THE CONSTRUCTED WETLANDS METHODOLOGY is used to treat the wastewater of the facility in a natural and eco-friendly way with zero power consumption. A RAINWATER HARVESTING SYSTEM is used for which storage tanks and reservoirs are prepared at multiple locations before the onset of the monsoon rains. AN ADVANCED DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM is in place to support organic farming and aforestation. There are two water reservoirs – one having a capacity of 96 lakh liters, while the other of 40 lakh liters. Both are constructed below ground level, open to the sky with geotextile liners at the bottom to prevent water seepage.

Daaji is overseeing large-scale plantation programs in and around Kanha Shanti Vanam, and the dry and barren landscape of Chegur Village, Telangana, is already being transformed into a lush green landscape.

More than 5 Lakh trees have already been planted and it is a continuous endeavor of the mission to increase this plantation manifold. Some of the species under threat include plants that are considered sacred and are of immense benefit to human beings and the environment.

Under the Green Kanha Initiative, the emphasis is given to ecologically, economically, and socio-culturally important native tree species. More than 300 hundred trees that were marked for felling in different parts of Hyderabad and adjoining areas (for the widening of existing roads and other developmental works) were taken and transplanted at Kanha ShantiVanam and those old trees are getting back to their resplendent form. About 100 coconut trees that were marked for felling in the Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu are also being transplanted at the Kanha ShantiVanam.

 Brief about nursery


Kanha has developed a full-fledged nursery covering 5.7 acres with a stock of over 6 lac saplings. Today the Heartyculture Nursery is home to more than 739 different species belonging to 113 families. More than 256 rare, endangered and endemic species of the Deccan Plateau and 137 native species are conserved here. The Hearty culture Nursery also provides plants and supplies for indoors and home gardens at

 Brief about the growth of birds

 The theme-based gardens and freshwater ecosystems of Kanha have attracted a wide variety of birds over time.

 While about 30 species have been recorded and photographed in Kanha over 70 species have been spotted. Avid bird watchers can find the likes of Peacock, Spotted eagles, Shikra falcons, black-winged kites, etc, or the little ground birds like tailoring birds, sunbirds, Red-wattled Lapwing, booted warbler, bulbuls and the weavers, etc. By the many natural ponds and lakes, one can find water-loving birds like ducks, cormorants, egrets, and herons rejuvenating themselves.

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